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link an individual post?

  1. Is there a widget that I can put a link to only a select few posts in? For example, with the text widget, I want to link text to a certain post. Can i do that without listing all mu published posts? Thank you

  2. um...if your saying you want to put specific links in a text widget, then yeah, you can do that. just manually add the links you want into the text widget.

  3. I want to type a word like LINK for example and make it so it can be clicked on and connected to a post. Sorry, not real computer savvy.

  4. The instructions for creating links are found here

  5. not quite what i am trying to do. How about there a way to use the 'recent post' widget or a similar one that will allow me to pick and choose what posts i want listed?

  6. You cannot edit the coding in the Recent Posts widget. However, you can use a text widget and place the links to any posts you wish in it.

  7. i tried that but am obviously doing something wrong. also, i'd like to use the post name instead of a URL. be patient...just a

  8. does making a post sticky place it at the top in the "recent posts" widget?

  9. Firefox extension that will make it easier for you.

    "firefox 2/3 html link tutorial" >

  10. That site "Tech Line" that you gave me the link to is the same theme as I use and puts links on the sidebar exactly as I am trying to figure out how to do. On the right sidebar where it says "email subscription" with text and a link under do I do that???

  11. It's a called HTML link another word for this is (Hyper LInk)
    I use the "Copy as HTML Link 1.1" Firefox extenion then I paste
    the HTML code into a text widget.

    Here is a direct link to the Firefox extension >

    Here is a short video I made so you can see the extension in action
    & understand how to use it. Video Link >

    If you decide to use the Firefox add on please check out the tutorial
    link in my above post.

    Here is a second option to making Hyper links:
    (this option requires using the wordpress editor)

    Video Link: >

  12. ok rock!!

  13. Your welcome!!! :-)

  14. Also please consider linking your name for future forum questions so we can
    determine what blogging platform you belong too.

    Tutorial link: > How to link your name to your blog

  15. OT: Teck, Just out of curiosity, is there a special reason you're using tinyurl?

  16. @devblog
    To make the URL shorter because the forum links etc are some times long
    it's actually a Firefox, extension.

    Why ? is it against the forum rules or something ?

  17. @devblog,
    P.s. If another blogger has the extension enabled on their Firefox browser
    they can hover over the link & see a display of the actual link.

  18. Nah, there's no special reason, I mean, I don't know about others, it's just that I'm kinda wary of links that don't show the full URL of the page they're pointing to. I know there's no "danger" here, especially when you're one of the helpful members providing the links, it's just that I found it kinda weird... that's all.

    Don't mind me, it's Monday and I guess I drank one cup of coffee too few.

  19. ok i linked my name. thanks again

  20. I'm also weary of links That's why I don't usually click hyper links or tiny url's
    If your interested in having the extension so you can see the actual links here
    on the forums, websites, twitter, then I highly recommend downloading the Firefox extension
    from the developers website since Mozilla has a outdated version on their extension

    The extension on the dev's site is version 2.0
    which allows you to post short links from any
    of the Short URL site providers.

    List of the sites the extension allows link posting from.


    Here is a article about the Tiny URL creator version 2.0
    you'll find the download link at the bottom of the article
    if you chose to add it to your FF, browser.

    Direct link:

    BTW: No offense taken I understand were you're coming from you can never
    be to safe on the internet now days thats the main reason for downloading
    the Tiny URL extension so I can see the actual link when I'm reading twitter

  21. Your welcome! Dan, :-)

  22. Thanks, Teck. I'll check the link out.

  23. Your welcome! devblog, :-)

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