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    In the blog stats under links clicked from your blog, there is one listed frequently that is not posted on our blog anywhere.
    it shows on the list as If you click on it from the stats page it takes you directly to our dashboard. Please tell us that someone has not compromised our page.



    I assume that’s just someone clicking either the ‘Blue bar’ or the the ‘Site Admin’ option in the Meta Widget to have it redirected to their blog’s dashboard.

    Considering I just did that you might find one to :)



    Nope that did not show up.
    The stats show 3 clicks on the link today alone.
    We just want to be sure someone hasn’t foud a way to hack in and review i.p. addresses from people making comments to our blog as we assure everyone we wont share thier information with anyone outside our group.
    It looks strange and we know the person who owns gizmos domains, as far as we can tell there is no link to click anywhere in our blog for their site. When we click on the name in the stats page it redirects us to our dashboard.
    If you figure anything else that might cause this or a way for us to block it please let us know.
    Thanks for your help. We love everything about wordpress that we use.



    It is the Dashboard link on gizmosdomains’ blue admin bar, which s/he can see when s/he’s looking at your blog. Or you have the meta widget and it’s taking them to the login for THEIR blog when they click on Site Admin, because they’re signed in when they click it.

    Either way, it’s taking you to your dashboard because you’re not gizmosdomains. Not to worry; your site hasn’t been compromised.




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