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Link back to my web-site

  1. I know this is probably elementary wordpress stuff, but I can't figure out how to link my blog back to my web-site. I just want to be able to click on the blog header and go back.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's not possible here - sorry. The only link in the header of a blog is the link to the front page of the blog.

  3. Just in case you gave some other questions along that line you may want to read this

  4. @tt: Sorry, it is possible.

    @rkpowers: Add a text widget and paste this in it:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:-192px;left:193px;position:absolute;z-index:11;">
<a href="WEBSITE_URL_HERE" target="_blank">
    <div style="width:374px;height:149px;">
  5. (Note, in case someone else sees this: numbers above tailored for right half of header in ChaoticSoul.)

  6. Thank you SOOOO much. It worked and I am always so amazed when I do something that works.....Not that I even begin to understand HOW it worked!!! But, thanks a million

  7. You're welcome.

    If you wish to begin to understand how it works:
    - div style width 374 etc. says I'm a 374x149 rectangle (the size of your right header half).
    - a href.../a says the enclosed thing is a link to the URL I'm giving you.
    - target blank says open the link in a new browser window or tab.
    - position absolute says place the thing where I want, not where the code is. Where I want is determined by the coordinates accompanying this command.
    - z index with positive number says bring the thing to the surface - in front of the actual header.

    (You realize that you weren't right in thinking that this is "elementary wordpress stuff"!)

  8. @Panos
    As the TOS states we cannot use blogs to drive traffic to third party sites I wonder about this linking of headers to websites.

  9. It might well be worth asking staff about this, but lots of people link their blogs to their sites elsewhere and it is probably a case by case issue.

    If the main purpose of the blog is to direct people offsite it would certainly be against TOS, but if it is a real blog that happens to link to the blogger's other (professional) site that it's not so clear

  10. @tt: In the thread you linked to, you suggested that the OP put a link in a text widget; what difference would that make?

    The TOS say (italics mine): "By making Content available, you represent and warrant that [...] the Content [...] does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing)".

    I don't think rkpowers falls into any of those categories: he started a blog, and he's got a personal webpage as well, and naturally he wants a link to his webpage on the blog. Note that he isn't even offering anything for sale - his webpage is just a portfolio showcasing some of his photos.

  11. Given the wording and intent of the TOS section 2, 5th bullet and the types of blogs and advertising restrictions at, I do believe clarity is required. I'm flagging this thread and the two others so Staff will provide clarity.

  12. I've had three bloggers ask this same question in the last 3 days. There are millions of blogger, let's hear what Staff have to say about the potential to link our headers to websites that do not meet the criteria expressed in "types of blogs" and "advertising" documentation.

  13. @tt: Good!

    But did you check rkpowers' blog? He's put his webpage logo on the right half of the header. He's not sneakingly using the header to link to another page, he's using a linking image for all to see (that's why I asked you what difference would the text widget make). To me that's an absolutely legitimate link, just placed in an unusual spot.

  14. I' not suggesting anyone is "sneaky". As I said there were 2 other bloggers who asked before this blogger asked. I'm suggesting that it would be good to know whether or not this linking of headers to third party sites is something Staff wish to provide clarity on. If they don't think it's an issue - cool. But unless or until they are asked we have no idea what their position is.

  15. homeopathyginatyler

    i just started my verry first blog ever,to answer your question,verry simple-just type in your website in the blogpost-its that simple

  16. @homeopathyginatyler
    You are using the theme called Thirteen and you have typed a Blog Title into the space allowed for it here > Settings > General. That is not the subject matter being discussed in this thread. Your theme does not have a customized header.

    What's being discussed in this thread is linking customized header images on blogs to external sites.

  17. I'm glad I checked back in...panaghiotisadam, yes I see that it is far from elementary, though I assume that it is 'easier' for someone such as yourself, who obviously knows what all of that means....I'm trying..
    As for the discussion between you and timethief....I don't want to break the rules, and if I am, it looks as if I can pick another theme and solve the problem....which opens the question, "Why okay on one theme and not another?" Also, not having read the guidelines, I'm not certain how I am a 'third party' to myself. I am a photographer, I have a web-site of my photography, I want to have a blog and would like, for the convenience of anyone who visits either site, to have easy access, back and forth. I know a lot of photogs have blogs that link to "Flickr" etc.* Maybe not on wordpress, because that would seem to be a third party site...or is that still 'second party'
    Again, thanks for the tip and the tutorial. I hope someone will let me know if this is 'legal' before they close it down...!!!
    * Does this all mean that I should NOT link to flickr, or facebook, etc.?

  18. Ooops, showing my ignorance, or inexperience, again. Facebook, etc., are sorta built in, aren't they?

  19. You can link to facebook and flickr. But they are not exactly 'built in.'

    The issue with flickr is that you are depending on an off-site place to store your images. They will load faster on your blog if you use some of your 3 G storage for them right here!

    Choosing another theme will not make a difference to the issue tt has raised.
    Whether you link to an outside site from your header or from a sidebar link the real question is, "is the main purpose of the blog to drive people to another site?"

    In my completely unofficial opinion, your 2 posts so far look like a real blog. You are not linking to somewhere off-site in every other sentence! Looks to me your blog would fit as:

    "Business: Professionals ranging from realtors to lawyers and stock brokers are using WordPress to share their expertise, and companies have discovered the power of blogs to personally engage with their customers."

    Just ask staff what they think! They are the only ones who can give you a definite answer.

  20. timethief (and I to some extent) is saying that it is unusual for a blogger to link to something besides your own blog in the header.

    And we don't know for certain that it is, or is not officially allowed.

    They make changes behind the scenes all the time (especially lately with how images are handled, and some acceptable code is changed by the visual editor, and other changes) without consulting us: it's not a democracy here. It's their software and we are the guinea pigs.

  21. Hey guys,
    I have a question that I believe is along similar lines to your discussion.

    Is it possible to change the pages tabs into links that go to other websites? For example, I want people to be able to click on a page tab and be directed straight to the main website at

    Similarly, can I change the "Home" page tab to say "Blog Home" somehow?
    Ryan (

  22. @rkpowers:

    Linking to your other webpage is a normal thing to do, linking via a logo image instead of a text link is also a normal thing to do, and I don't see why timethief thinks that putting the logo in the header area might be an issue. (Motion, the latest addition to themes, can even accomodate widgets in the header area.)


    a) Yes you can - see here:

    b) No you cannot: the Home link is hard-wired into the theme. You can only switch to a theme with no such tab - see here:

    PS Your URL is .

  23. If anyone is still following this, I contacted 'staff' 'and got this back...

    "I can't speak to the TOS on this right now. It's an interesting method for accomplishing the link, I will say that. :)"

    So, I don't know where that leads, at this point

  24. The ToS and the rules on the Types of Blogs and Advertising pages apply to links in the header the same way they would apply to any other kind of link on a blog. We don't want to discourage linking to outside sites that are good and have quality content! In this case, rkpowers' links are fine.

  25. @designsimply
    Thanks for your response but I'm still seeking clarity.

    I can't imagine Volunteers being put in the position of making independent judgment calls on kinds links whenever this question is asked in a forum thread. When Volunteers are asked this question in the future what does Staff expect expect Volunteers to do:
    (1) provide instructions immediately for linking headers to 3rd party sites;
    (2) or refer the blogger to Staff.

  26. @rkpowers,

    lol (unclear i agree!), that is "an interesting" response. I wonder who sent that?
    Apparently they-all hadn't thought about this header-link possibility, non CSS workaround, so don't yet have an official opinion!!

    IMO: Your blog seems to be a 'real' blog which is not set up with the main purpose to drive visitors to any sort of "get-rich-quick-on -the-internet- by- {magic}" nor does it send readers to a site filled with adverts and scams, splog, or other

    If it was me, I'd go ahead and make the link as Panos showed you how to do. As he and designsimply have said, having a off-site link has been fine in the past. Why would where you place it make a difference?

    Because we have had some backup problems here at home recently, my hubby would say,"tessie, back that up!"

  27. @timethief Right. We want to make the best experience possible! That means #2 is the best option: ToS questions should be answered by staff. Also, keep in mind that linking is fine as long as the link does not violate ToS, so if it is just a question about how to link, you can of course answer that.

    Blogging should be easy! We love our users and want to provide the best support and be as helpful as possible.

  28. That means #2 is the best option: ToS questions should be answered by staff.

    Thank you so much for the clarity. I was not concerned about this specific external link from rkpowers' header. What I was concerned about is that as this is a peer support forum and any member who is not aware of the TOS provisions could simply point to the instructions in this thread in answer to this question.

  29. Thanks everyone. I don't know who is responsible for saying "case closed" , but in this case I feel "resolved".. Thanks again.

    timethief and panos...I have bookmarked your sites so that I can further school myself

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