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link catagories not appearing on sidebar

  1. I have several links on the right sidebar but I would like to arrange them in catagories to organize them. I have already assigned each link a catagory but the catagories are not appearing. How can you make the catagories visible and links organzied by catagory ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Have you checked out this Links widget configuration settings?

    Link category: The first dropdown allows you to select which of your links to display. You can choose All Links from all categories, or just links in a specific link category. If you want to display links from multiple categories you can add multiple link widgets, and display a different link category in each one.

  3. timethief,
    Thanks for your help. That widget tip worked, though now I've got duplicate links on the left and right sidebars. The ones from the Links widget are all neatly arranged by catagory on the left. Now I want to get rid of the ones on the right, below where it says blogroll. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the duplicate links on the right ?

    Also, how do you change the order of the catagories, so that certain catagories appear above others?

    thanks again,

  4. Did you remove the widget from the right sidebar here? Appearance > Widgets

    Categories are alphabetically ordered. The only links widget configuration options you can make are found here >

  5. hmmm... for the theme template I'm using, Oxygen, there doesn't appear to be a right sidebar location option for widgets. The only options for widget placement are primary sidebar, secondary sidebar, then footer widgets areas 1 through 4 and after post. Orginally my links appeared right under the blogroll area on the far right column...I didn't quite understand what a blogroll is at the time and now I want to link to some blogs I like over there.

    in case you need a visual you can see the duplicates on my blog:

    thanks for patience and suggestions!


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