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Link Categories - Always Alphabetical?

  1. For context, my page is

    I made three link categories (School, French, Spanish) nad on the side the categories are listed alphabetically. Is there anyway I can change the order?



  2. I did look. I'm terrible at searching through the forum. Number them? eh... I'll look at the link you sent before asking anymore questions. thanks!

  3. boblets, it's link categories, not ordinary categories. As far as I know link categories are always arranged alphabetically.

  4. I checked it out. That's talking abotu categories, but is that the same as Link categories. One thing I read one I was searching the forum is that categories and link categories are not the same thing.

    But, again, I'm curious. You said "number them". How do I do that? That's what I wanted to do.


  5. You can "number" them by putting a letter or number in front of link category, e.g. "1 School", "2 Spanish" and "3 French", or "A School", "B Spanish" and "C French".

  6. Ah. Sorry for the mix up.

  7. An alternative to changing the names is writing the links in a Text widget instead of using a Links Widget. In a Text widget you can write and reorder the links any way you like.

  8. So,in the Text widget, I can make links clickable?

    I'll play around with it. Neat idea!


  9. I guess i need some html. I'll hunt for some copy and paste page here.

  10. This will show you how to make links

  11. Note that the FAQ doesn't mention the option for having the link open in a new window (instead of taking the place of your blog). The code for such a link is:
    <a href="UrlHere" target="_blank">DesiredNameHere</a>
    Also note that the links won't be arranged in a column unless you separate them with this or something similar:

  12. I tend to use <br /> between the lines in my text widgets.

  13. Thanks! I used your idea and it works great!

  14. thanks vivian, the br helped. For some reason the p was making the widget act up a bit on my webpage.

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