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Link Categories Only Alphabetical?

  1. I've seen this asked before, but the only reply posted was "send us a link to your page" and then the topic was closed.

    I want to re-order my link CATEGORIES so they are not in alphabetical order. Right now they look like:

    Our Charity:
    Sponsored By:
    Where At:

    and I want it to be:

    Our Charity:
    Where At:
    Sponsored By:

    Any help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could use a text widget instead?

  3. The problem with the text widget is that it still clutters up my side - I can't figure out how to REMOVE the things like the calendar and category listings and all that. Perhaps that's another question...

  4. On that theme you can't remove the calendar, categories, archives, calendar, search, and blogroll. You CAN change it on another theme, any theme that's widget-enabled, I think.

  5. So the only way to reorder your category tabs is turning the category names into A:Name, B:Name etc. (or 1.Name, 2.Name etc.).

  6. Wow... That's really unfortunate.

  7. You can use symbols rather than letters or numbers. Or a space, or different ( _ __ ___) underlines or punctuation. It takes a little experimenting whether ° will come before or after ^, but it looks more subtle than A,B,C or 1,2,3.

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