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Link categories - stupud question

  1. Hi, ive just moved over from using blogger to make a wordpressblog. It is an affilite programe guide. I have made my fist few posts but I am having trouple categorizing my links (outbound).

    At the moment all links at under the what I can only assume is the default heading of 'Links'. When I give them a category it records that new category in my dashboard, but when I look back at the site that new category isn't there and they all all still under 'links'. The first 2 links on my blogroll are categorized 'blogroll', but again on the actual site they are just under 'links' and no sign of the title 'blogroll' anywhere.

    Why are my new categories not appearing? Does the title 'Links' always stay there? is the categorising just for my use and cannot be seen on the actual site?

    The main reason for this is I have been trying to add a link from Technorati - 'add this to my technorati favourites', but I am aware that I cannot use the javascrit technorati gave me on wordpress, so I just extracted the link from the javascript. But when I try to categorise it under 'Bookmark this site' (my madeup link category) that category dissapeas on the actual site and it just gets added to my 'links' list.

    The final thing that is confusing me is I made several categories for my posts and the ones that I have not posted in yet appear as options for link categories. Whats all that about? (they dont actually matter because I cant make the new categories appear anyway!)
    Ok that was very long winded, can anyone help me?

  2. It is an affilite programe guide.

    Are you aware that you could possibly be in the wrong place with the wrong kind of blog? I ask because your content sounds more like content than it sounds like content. blogs are non-commercial free blogs. They are different from blogs and different rules apply to them. We cannot advertise on our blogs here.
    There is an exception but unless you intend to attempt to qualify and pay for a VIP blog along with other very notable bloggers like Robert Scoble, etc. I'm afraid that is your answer.
    If you wish you can confirm this advertising restriction and the only exceptions to it by reading the FAQs blog search box response

    Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika and other ads are not permitted to be added by users. Adverts that may be inserted when using an external blogging program will be blocked.

    PayPerPost is not permitted.

    Multiple affiliate links are also not permitted. One discreet text link per blog is okay. Any more than that, send a feedback for clarification. Clicktrackers and any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising are expressly forbidden.

    We have a very low tolerance for blogs created purely for search engine optimization or commercial purposes, machine-generated blogs, and will continue to nuke them, so if that’s what you’re interested in is not for you.

    However do not despair for if you wish to have a commercial blog your desire can be accommodated here. That's where you can either download a free blog template that you self host or you can hire a web host to do this for you. There's a pink sticky post "please read me first before posting" at the head of the forum you may wish to consult as it clarifies the differences between and

  3. hmmm ... The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

  4. To my understanding I am not breaking any terms of service.

    "the Content is not spam, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites"

    It is presented in a professional manner (as professional as I can make it) and is not designed for me to trick people into signing up. It will contain reviews of affiliate programmes many of which will be negative, i.e. I will be warning people about scams, and telling people which ones are not. My affilite links will be used, but I don't lie about anything. i will personaly test the programme. If this is agains TOS then I apologize, just give me a warning and I will copy/paste my posts so I can use them elseware

    If you want to see for yourself note:I have not posted negative reviews yet of any programmes because I only started it yesterday! The ones you see posted the the few I actually support so you are seeing a biased representaion of what it will be.

    If I am not breaking the TOS your help would still be much appreciated!

  5. I'm sorry but I'm not qualified to make that call. I'm a volunteer with no knowledge of affiliate marketing. Send a feedback to staff for clarification.

  6. Ok timethief, thanks for your help.

    Forget my first question, am I breaking the TOS?


  7. Yup, afraid so. It's the affliate links. They're not allowed.

    Covered in the FAQ.

    Hope this helps,

  8. Ow, Ok drmike, I will take my blog elsewhere, to blogger I guess.

    Im not really disapointed because I put loads of effort in (I only started it yesterday, I am just keen to develop my knoweldge and wordpress was the next logical step.

    oh well, I will delete my blog. Thanks for your help guys. If I start a new blog on a different topic on wordpress I will still have the problem this thread is meant to be about, so if you know the answer it would still help.

  9. Kind of hard to read your post since you spend more time promoting your site but as I understand it, links are not showing up under new categories.

    Easy. For them to show up, the category needs to have a post in there as well. Workaround is to make a post on your blog tagged with the category and basically state "Hey, lookie. I added some new links. Please check them out!"

    Hope this helps,

    This really needs to be a FAQ since it gets asked nearly everyday.

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