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Link Category Issue

  1. talkingbaseball

    After the addition of the new themes tonight, my blog has now begun showing my categorized links in all three categories. Anyone know what's going on with that? Anyone experiencing the same problem?

  2. talkingbaseball

    Additionally, now many of my links are not showing up at all on the sidebar. What happened here?

  3. Okay! HELP! after the addition, my blog started acting funny, there is a photo in the "About Me" link category, and it's duplicated all over the place. HELP!!

  4. having a simlar problem, i lost all my link pictures and they were replaced with a single picture and link to my flickr. the link are still in the links section, but even after delting them it still didn't change anything. Annoying

  5. This is fixed.

  6. not fully i don't think. It's not doing the same thing but it's still acting funny, now when i'm adding my links again, it's nota dding them properly and when i delete links they don't disapear

  7. talkingbaseball

    Matt: Thanks for taking care of that issue (and thanks for putting this whole thing together. It's great!) I'm still having the same problems as seanfitz. Adding/deleting links doesn't do anything.

  8. It should fix itself up in a couple of minutes, just be patient.

    I'll see if I can get to the root issue sometime tomorrow.

  9. Awesome, fixed. Thanks man

  10. OK, so my link issue is: Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious, but how does one add link categories? I can edit the one category I have, but can't figure-out any way to add new ones.

  11. I'm an idiot. Nevermind.

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