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Link chain not working

  1. butnerblogspot

    Not working, in fact nothing displays but the box? Help

  2. Same problem here. Nothing shows up in the Visual editor pop up box when I try to insert links, images etc. I have to go through the html editor to do it. It's annoying.

  3. Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, close and reopen your browser and try again. If you have blank screens or popup boxes, that means it is a browser cache problem.

  4. I can use it. Does the problem persist after clearing cache and cookies?

  5. butnerblogspot

    thanks I'll try that

  6. Works fine here after I cleared the cache, history and cookies. Thanks!

  7. range, very glad to hear that helped for you.

    I just deployed a super-cache-buster that should prevent other people from having to do this. I'll watch for any more issues that pop up around the popups though. :)

  8. i cleard cache and everything and it still doesn't work :(

    using firefox 3b4

  9. Try using a different browser. WordPress has done nothing as far as working on compatibility for beta browsers. It's like trying to hit a moving target while riding a horse.

  10. did that already. tried opera, which i never used for wordpress before, and it still doesn't work. no links, no external photos. and when i try to upload an image, i can select the image but then nothing happens. am i suppose to have a button to start uploading? because it's not there :)

    see here:

  11. icehot, if you right click in the blank area and click "reload frame" what happens?

  12. that worked for the links and external pictures. how about uploading pictures to wordpress, how do i fix that? :-s

  13. I just tried again. All I'm getting is an empty box.

  14. I just tried again. All I'm getting is an empty box.

  15. LOL!!!! I'm so confused why did the people change everything??? I was just getting use to it!!! GRRRR...I can't upload any phots! Help...please??


  16. When you leave a report saying it's not working for you please also leave information about:

    Your browser and version
    What OS you're running
    Whether or not you've performed the cookie dance (the cache-clearing move recommended above)
    A direct link to your blog.

  17. To upload an image, in the editor window, at the top of the icon bar you will see "add media". Click on the square icon just to the right of that and a window will pop up where you can choose your file on your computer and then upload and insert it into your post.

  18. yeah but for me at least, when i select an image to upload, nothing happens :(

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