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    As in php, [url=]Shepherd Michigan[/url] The only text in the lick showing would be Shepherd Michigan and it would be an active link. However this code does not work. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get this type of link to work. I am running WordPress 2.0.5



    Are you using software? These forums are for The way to indicate links is the same as the rest of the Internet: to use the standard anchor tag, <a> (for instance, <a href="]Shepherd Michigan</a>). Alternately, you can type your text, select it, and click the link button or type alt-A, and enter the URL.



    Well at the bottom of the wordpress templete was a link to these forums. PS and thanks for the quick replay.



    I managed to get the link active, clicked on the insert/edit link (alt-a) and this is what I get. The link works, I have tried it opening in same window different window and it will just not appear as a proper link.
    Insert/edit link
    Link URL:
    Target: Open link in the same window
    Title: NHL East Voting as of today



    We don’t deal with PHP on our free blogs here at If you host your own site yourself, you should ask over at the forum because our software runs differently:



    That’s because you’re using BBCode. BBCode is used by certin softwares like phpBB for user input for security concerns and the software modifies the outputted code into HTML for display. BBCode is not for use in web browsers and is not HTML.

    You really need to be over at though.

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