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  1. I have a question, WordPress doesn't accept this code (i see this code in

    <br /> <a></a><br />

  2. Ops, correction: (this code is been edited WordPress transform in a link, code tag doesn't work in forums)

    <br /> a style text-decoration:underline; /a<br />

  3. try this:

    <a href=[URI]"><span style="color:[color]; text-decoration:[value]">Text</span></a>
  4. Thanks, i know this code, but the text-decoration:[value] not work :(

  5. Is the code:


    WordPress doesn't accept :(

  6. Is the code:

    <br /> <a>Text</a><br />

    WordPress doesn't accept :(

  7. Code tag not working :|

    A image in notepad, look this:

  8. I'm sorry, you are right... I need more coffee... *sigh*

    Yeah, wordpress will strip inline styles in tags other than "div" or "span" The only way to do what you want is with the CSS upgrade.

  9. Ah, you want to display code... if so, just use the regular HTML tags... try either of these two:

    <pre>[your code here]</pre>


    <code>[your code here]</code>


  10. It DOES work:

    `<span style="text-decoration: underline;">TITLE_HERE</span>

    (devblog, in your 5:20 PM post you omitted the first quotation mark.)

  11. And I omitted the second backtick...

    <a href="URL_HERE" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">TITLE_HERE</span></a>

  12. thanks, see? I need more coffee...

  13. Me too...

    (Let me add that it can be done in the visual editor as well: you write the title first, highlight it, click the Underline button, then highlight it again, click the Link button and add the URL.)

  14. Here this code:
  15. Here this code:

    <br /> <pre><a href=""></a></pre>

  16. :@ ! Here this code in a image:

    WordPress does not accept this code ;(

  17. WordPress does not accept this code ;(

    No, it doesn't, that's why I told you to use regular "code" or "pre" HTML tags...

  18. Ignore the [code] tag, is the a style ;)

  19. yeah, it will ignore it, because like I explained above, it will strip styles off tags other than "div" or "span".

    Panaghiotisadam, is giving you an example of how to work around this little problem.

  20. Yeah, i know SPAN STYLE, but A Style is more easy. :( What WordPress blocking A STYLE? :S

  21. well if you know it, why don't you use it then? Now, why they strip off styles from other tags, beats me. Also, panaghiotisadam, gave you another alternative using the visual editor. Try that. Maybe it has more steps involved but doable nonetheless.

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