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    I absolutely need to make links more visible with a color other than black. How do I do this with CSS?

    The blog I need help with is


    Add these and see if that gets you where you want to be. Edit the color code as desired.

    .widget-body li a, .widget-body p a, .wp_widget_tag_cloud a, .widget_tag_cloud a {
    color: #FF0000;
    .post-content p a, .post-content li a, .post-content table a {
    color: #FF0000;

    Also, it is not a good idea to paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS edit window. It is better to put in only the specific selectors, and the specific declarations you are adding or changing and then keep the “add to existing…” button checked. Pasting the entire code can in many instances cause things to go seriously wacky.

    If you keep the entire CSS in the edit window, then you must paste what I gave above at the very end of your CSS so that it will override everything before it, or you will have to find those two stacks of selectors and edit the colors in them.


    Thank you so much, that worked wonderfully!


    That code helped me then change the code on the em dash that appears next to the title. I don’t know if this is possible, but it would look better to have three stacked em dashes there to the left of the title. Is there code for that?


    What you would have to do is create an image (PNG would be best) with the three stacked emdashes an then hide the existing emdash and place the image in the site-title field and add padding for the text to space it over.

    If you want to try that, create the image and then upload it to your media library and post the URL of that image here in this thread and we can help you with adding it.


    I’m going to set this thread as resolved since there haven’t been any recent replies. If you need further help, pelase reply back here and mark the thread as ‘not resolved.’

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