Link color changes? Ghastly.

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    Has anybody experienced their links changing a different color – say an awful orange like on my blog?

    I definitely wanted something like this to distinguish links from the simple ‘bold’ on my theme, but ewwww!



    I actually like they way they look on your blog. Before they were just a darker shade of gray and that made them hard to see for folks with vision problems.
    I like the fact that there are so many colour choices that can be made with the headers for this theme Andreas 9 too and the links change in accord with the header choices.



    That’s the upgraded Andreas09 theme. Looks like they finally got around to it as we were running 1.5 here and that ‘feature’ came out in 1.7 IIRC.

    I didn’t like it either I gotta admit but the designer said it was a much requested feature in another thread a few months ago.



    I like the new colors for my theme, actually. Just a little too shy of Carolina Blue for my tastes, but a nice change and yes much easier for readers to see. Now, all we need is that customizable header enabled three column thingamabob.



    I’ve used the green, orange, purple, and blue versions of the Andreas theme, and was planning to simply switch theme colors until the end of time.

    But I cannot submit people to these horrid new link colors. If they were even just a little toned down, I might be able to stand them! But as it is — goodbye, Andreas. My eyes, and the eyes of my readers, must be spared.

    You know, we could have gotten the ability to change headers instead. But nooooo.



    Okay so they are quite harsh. I’m wodering if perhaps toning them down a shade or three might satisfy those who are feeling shocked by them. It’s always good to work with changes and be clear about what you do and don’t like. What do others feel – would a toning down satisfy?



    Please Please tone it down… Never mind, if my link is not the exact same color as my
    title.. but please please tone down the hyperlink color…



    Please please, if you hate it that much change the theme.

    By the way – your title is white. Links a grey/blue colour.



    I’ve seen people ask for “more visible links” for this theme since the first release. When it was finally added, most users were positive about it. It looks much better. But I can understand those of you who didn’t ask for it… Personally, I love the new version. But there should be some kind of option for changing the link colors for those who wants it.

    And just to make sure you understand something very important: Andreas did not create this theme. It was Ainslie Johnson – based on an original design by Andreas. A’s original design did not have link colors as far as i know.

    but send in Feedback and ask for an option to use gray links. It shouldn’t be hard to do… :)



    They already have the option with the CSS editor. :)



    As there appear to be two threads going about the same theme I’m providing links in each of them so they can be croos consulted
    I hope everyone is okay with that and if not you can just ignore them.



    i am just wondering one thing, on andrea i had a widget for subscribing, and it was subscribe to blog and a subscribe to comments button, what happened to does now, since they dont apear are they gone forever.



    I’m not clear on what this has to do with the clour of links in the updated Andreas 9 thme. I suspect it is not on point at all but I could be worng.

    I’m also not really clear on what you’re saying but I hope the following instructions help you.

    -> dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets -> available widgets -> meta -> drag and drop into sidebar location you prefer -> save changes

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