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Link color incorrect

  1. philatransitioncouncil

    The link color is showing up as a puke green on my site, so I went to the "appearance" menu and the "theme option" sub menu. The link color listed is blue. Why are my links showing up as green if the color saved in the settings is blue? How do I change it to actually being blue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It appears that you have the Custom Design upgrade.

    Did you change the theme's link colors under "Custom Colors"?

  3. philatransitioncouncil

    I did.

  4. philatransitioncouncil

    Wait, I read your response wrong (sorry, I have been working on this non-stop and am going a little crazy). I did not that I know of. Where would I find out if I did or how to change it?

  5. philatransitioncouncil

    I went back to custom design and cannot find anything that says "link color". Where should I be looking? Thank you!

  6. Not having the Custom Design upgrade puts me at a disadvantage here, but I'm guessing if you go to Dashboard>Appearance>Custom Design and then click on the Custom Colors, that will open the Customizer. You should be able to switch and save from there. If you click on each color in the palette it will tell you where that color is being used.

    Otherwise, if you are comfortable wading into the CSS itself, you can do so from there as well.

  7. You have selected a color palette in Appearance > Customize > Colors. Doing so applies several colors to many elements. To change one particular element you need to target that element using coding. If you wish to change all the instances where the "puke green" is used, go to Appearance > Customize > CSS, select all, delete, and paste this:

    a, #site-title a:focus, #site-title a:hover, #site-title a:active, .entry-title a:active, .widget_twentyeleven_ephemera .comments-link a:hover, section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts a[rel="bookmark"]:hover, section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts .comments-link a:hover, .format-image footer.entry-meta a:hover, #site-generator a:hover {
        color: #456789;

    Replace 456789 with the hex for the color you prefer. For colors and hex numbers see here:

  8. philatransitioncouncil

    THANK YOU!!! It worked, one more problem fixed. Thanks for your help!

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