Link colour changes in Pilcrow using CSS

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    I have a Pilcrow themed blog:

    and I want to change the colour of all past and new links, both plain and hover (Plain: Blue, Hover: Royal Blue).

    What is is the code to make these changes in CSS?



    For plain, it is a:link {color: #0000FF}.
    For hover, it is a:hover {color: #4169E1}.



    Thank you for that.
    The codes seem to partially work….
    many links are now the colours I want and some are not, with no reason why, that I can tell.
    ie. If you look at the sidebar menus on any page some links are now blue and some are the old dark red
    Is there another line of code I need as well, something to do with links created in different ways perhaps?…. I’m just guessing now


    The reason that some are a different color is that there is a third link color defined for visited links.

    This will take care of some of the visited link colors, but there are more declared in the CSS. Edit the color codes as you desire.

    a:visited {
    color: #0000FF;
    .entry-content a:visited {
    color: #CC0000;

    To put a little space under the widget titles, you might want to add this as well and then edit the bottom margin number as you desire.

    .widget-title {
    margin-bottom: 10px;


    Thank you scaredpath! (and thankyou makethea!)
    Now I feel silly not to have realised that was clicked links, and I’ve decided to leave the colour for that as it is (plus I can change it another time now I have the code, anyway).

    The extra little tidbit you gave was a real gem! I’m quite new to CSS and clearly haven’t even scratched the surface of how I could use it to improve my site.

    Don’t suppose you have any other advice for glaringly obvious appearance faults on my site, have you? :-)


    You aren’t the first to not realize that, so there is no reason to feel silly. In fact, I did it too.

    I’ll take a look and see if I see anything else.


    On your main page, I would get rid of all the ~~~~. Search engines will not be fond of that and might not pull anything from that page.

    I don’t really see anything else. I like the colors you are using and I like the background image. It is busy, but does not detract. You’ve done well.



    Thanks for that.
    I wasn’t really happy with the ~~ anyway, I was trying to space the words out so I didn’t just have one word on the second line, but a little rewriting was the better solution.
    Thanks for your advice


    You are welcome.

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