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    Something that’s driving me crazy as I’m updating a lot of posts is that the theme I use, Imbalance 2 (which is otherwise a theme I love), the default links show up in the same colour as the default text and not even in bold or underlined, so to see that they are links, I have to change their colour each time in the text editor. I don’t want a CSS update but there must be people who use this theme as well as me who are fed up with this.

    I mean, how is anyone supposed to know there’s a link there otherwise? Nobody’s going to hover over all the text just to see if there’s a link that’s not even visible!

    Please – if anyone is reading this who has the power to change it, would you do so. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s because you’ve set the front page hover color to black. Unfortunately that theme option applies to the link color as well. In my opinion the theme team should turn this option into two independent options.


    Ah, that makes sense. And I agree with you – there should be two independent options. I hope they’ll address this issue. Thanks Panos.


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    I second (or third) that idea: an option for the link colors such as on the blogroll, the recent comments widget, etc, and links in posts, plus an option for the hover color for the array of posts on the front page.

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