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    For some reason all the links I place in posts are coming up in black font the same as the main text.

    It would be good to see them highlighted a bit more and I have seen other blogs have them as blue – which I thought would be standard.

    Is there a way of changing the colour of all posts without having to do them one at a time?

    The blog I need help with is



    It could just be that you’ve clicked on all those links. Un-clicked-upon links look different.



    Sadly not – both clicked and unclicked links in posts are coming out black


    Your unvisited links are blue – unless you’ve set your browser preferences to display links another way.

    If you wish to permanently display links in a different color, see here:



    Thanks panaghiotisadam but your tips show how to change the font colour on a case by case basis but I have seen other blogs (, cutline theme) that have their links permenantly in blue for all their links. There must be a way to set this as standard?

    The links on my site are black before they have been clicked and afterwards.


    You’re welcome. But raincoaster and I have answered already: in Cutline, unvisited links are blue, visited links turn black, and that’s what happens in your blog – I visited it. Check your browser preferences to make sure the color settings are ok, clear your cache to make sure you’re looking at unvisited links.



    links are blue before they clicked and when mouse is over they turn red. this is what i saw. the only case u said maybe titles of posts on main page.
    maybe u have some problems with your pc.


    Correct: unvisited blue, visited black, hover red – defined in the CSS of the theme:

    a { color: #0060ff; text-decoration: underline; }

    a:visited { color: #333; text-decoration: underline; }

    a:hover { color: #df0000; text-decoration: underline; }



    Thanks guys – I have looked at the website from another computer and they show up exactly as you describe so it must be a browser issue, which I can look into.

    I assume that I can change those three things in the CSS to all be blue?

    Again – thanks for the help.


    Yes, if you have the paid CSS upgrade.

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