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    I wish, I wish someone would create an automated link destructor – something that could go through ones posts in bulk and unlink all links. I’m working on something in a private blog that I want to export and then import into another blog and I so wish I could just break all the links in one go instead of having to go through them one by one. What tedium!

    Could this be done? Is it possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    That sounds scary to me.


    Lol – why? Arent there any times when you’d like to zap all your old links that no longer work?



    When I have the time I run broken links checks and remove or replace broken links in posts.


    Yeah, but you’ve still got to remove them manually. I’d rather have something to do it automatically. Ah well… one can wish.



    Have you tried copying the whole Post with in Visual mode and past the text into a PLAIN text editor (Notepad++ or Notepad) then copy and paste back into the original Post? Yes most of your formatting will go away but depending on the number of links might be easier.

    Yes a link remover could be done – the problem in a blog is working inside the Dashboard and controls of the blog – not sure how much demand there would be for that feature.


    @auxclass – that’s a good idea, I might do that for some of them that have a lot. Only problem with that is then I lose the image codes too… (I’ve images in nearly all my posts).

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