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    Can someone explain this link problem to me? because it’s really giving me a headache.

    I use page to make novel then I make link where reader can click on to read the chapters then in the end of the chapters I put another link for next chapters. Everything will be perfect if the link alway guide the readers on the right place but it’s not!

    Example: I have a link on book 1 called “chapter 1” and that’s suppose to go to chapter 1 of book 1, but no it’s goes to chapter 1 of book 2. and sometime the chapter 1 of book 2 go the other way. The worse is when I check if the link, because maybe it was written wrong but no, it’s all correct. Then if I just erase the link and place it again it become correct.
    And that problem is going in a circle. I’m tired of always checking if the link is still correct not only that but I’m not even online everyday.

    Can someone please help me with this?


    The blog I need help with is



    The problem is that the chapter pages have the same name,
    e.g. book 1 chapter 1 is http://.../book-one/chapter-one/ and book 2 chapter 1 is http://.../book-two/chapter-one/ cannot tell the difference between the ‘chapter-one’ pages and selects one of them at random because they have the same name. I don’t know why, but that is how works. I’ve has this happen to me on occasion as well.

    Apparently, needs unique filenames to work with. I suggest renaming the files, e.g. http://.../book-one-chapter-one/and http://.../book-two-chapter-one/

    That would make them unique and identifiable.


    I forget to said thanks. Thanks husdal

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