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Link does not work

  1. I want put sop:// as a link but not work.
    How do I decide this problem?

    Answer please

  2. I know write a link but I want creat a link that open a new windows wiht url sop:// no, http://sop:// Do you understand?

    You can see that sitution

    Answer please

  3. what is a sop? I have never seen that before; can you give us more background information?

  4. @generex
    The best thing you can do is remove <b>sop://</b> from your link or at least <b>://</b> if what you want to write is something lik

    Never heard anything about sop:// though :(
    Give more information, please.

  5. But I need that <b>sop://</b> stay because this link is a url to program and if url is not only this links does not work.

    Sopcast is a programme to wacth tv online and is a channel`s url this programme

    Answer please

  6. Hmmm. I don't think it will work, because you have to have the sopcast player installed on your own computer (as i understand it).

  7. I did not ask this, so I do not want this information, I know have to have the sopcast.

    I want how creat this kind of link

  8. i repeat:

    I don't think it will work

  9. /nod to judy

    Agreed - IMO it will not work.
    I also believe you must install sopcast on your own computer.
    IMO this is not a issue.

    Best wishes on getting this sorted with sopcast. Here's the link to their forum

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