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Link exchange, anyone?

  1. I'm looking to add to my blogroll if anyone is interested. I only have one blog listed in my blogroll and it belongs to my friend, Sarah, who never writes anymore.
    I'm hoping that I can exchange with people so I get more hits.
    I write about my life. I'm a 30 year old massage therapist who lives with her parents and her homicidal OCD cousin and crazy aunt. I write about my family and the strange people I massage. My friends seem to really get a kick out of it. Check it out.
    If you want to exchange links, let me know!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hey navybound,I have started a blogging friends page,been seeing the benefits of it,check it and and ill be more then happy to link to your page,check out the other friends ive meantioned and get in touch,leave a comment below or on my page
    all welcome
    happy blogging

  3. Awesome, thanks wingstruck. I just put you on my blog. I visited your site and you have some cool stuff. I like the artwork.
    I'm thinking about making my own "Blogging Friends" page. Actually, I may just do it tonight since I have nothing much else to do. I guess I'm stealing your idea, but its a really good idea.

  4. your like the 20th person to do that,steal away,honestly,its why i suggested it in the first place,way easier to get some traffic going,and get bloggers more in touch with one another,ive just updated my page now,feel free to ask me to edit it,if you have any questions for me you know where i am,keep in touch,and keep up the blogging adventures

  5. cestlavieladypatience

    I just subscribed to your blog. Here's my link

  6. Cool, thanks cestla

  7. Awesome! I like weird people so much that I've decided to be one of them.


    In all seriousness, cool, and I like the avatar ;)

  8. All the best people in the world are weird. Weird people have the most fun. I want to convert people to open up to their hidden weirdness that they keep tucked away.

  9. Hello :) If your looking for more people to chat with, I just started a blog in which I'm starting to upload alot of my poetry that I've written over the past year. Please check it out!

  10. Yes, I'm all for hidden weirdness.

    The way my mind works, I see a polished professional woman all wrapped up in the latest version of a pants-suit, wearing a blue-tooth ear-piece/brain-sucking-parasite and can't help thinking... I bet she has some weird biopunk experiment lurking in the basement at home. I picture a whole army of Island-of-Doctor-Moreau-style minions just waiting to break free from her basement and terrorize her quiet, suburban neighborhood.

    But, that's me.

  11. I survived the learning curve and added to my blogroll!

  12. do you like poetry? you may find me interesting whether you do or not.

  13. Hey Breanacarrier, I stopped by to your poetry blog today - great stuff! It's all very emotional and heartfelt. I added you to my blogroll. I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I'm not the brightest bulb....

  14. Also, just in case anyone is wondering, I will add ANYONE to my blogroll for an exchange. Everyone is accepted in my world.

  15. I'll add you to my blogroll if you add me

  16. @navybound
    That's nice. Best wishes when it comes to achieving a PageRank.

  17. Okay you got it azmaboy!
    Thanks timethief. It's exciting to watch my hits slowly scale up.

  18. Ditto what navybound said about blogrolling. I'm loving this symbiosis thing. :)

  19. SIGH ... please don't get me wrong. Making blogging friends is a cool thing to do but entering reciprocal link exchanges two way - I link to your blog you link to mine) is not the best course of action to take. That all changed over a year ago now but the news is not apparently seeping down to new bloggers.

    The purpose of this thread is to solicit reciprocal link exchanges and I'm seeing more than one thread on these forums for the same outmoded and no longer intelligent linking strategy ie. soliciting link exchanges with bloggers who have unrelated blogs in different niches from the niche one's own blog is in.

    I'm going to "play it again Sam" in the event that there are some bloggers here who do want to learn something about blogging and making intelligent linking decisions.

    1. Search engines, expcecially Google are looking for natural linking patterns. Outgoing links in your Blogroll ought to be a valuable resource for your readers. If you are entering eeciprocal link exchanges (two-way - I link to your blog you link to mine) and Blogrolling links to sites that do not meet that definition you are off track.

    Why? Every Blogroll link ought to be a "natural link" one-way, non-reciprocal, non-solicited link to sites that are directly related to your own blog, and that have high authority and PageRank in the same niche your own blog is in, and will be a valuable resource to your readers. If that's what you have going then the search engines assume you have a valuable site and treat it accordingly.

    2. Before you consider reciprocal linking to sites, consider your reader’s perspective and whether the proposed links provide value to them. And consider the consequences of making poor choices.

    If your blog gets a lot of reciprocal (two-way - I link to your blog you link to mine), especially if they are not related blogs then the search engines will assume that these are solicited links, and may even penalize your site. If the sites are related to your site, then it could make sense because the links are useful, BUT do recognize that reciprocal linking (two-way - I link to your blog you link to mine) between dozens or hundreds of sites is unlikely to provide reader value. This will not benefit your site and can harm it. In fact if you have too many of them that can harm your site's standing with search engines and placement in the SERPs (search engine page results), an jeopardize your blog's ability to achieve a PageRank.

    3. Search engines like Google use link popularity as a method of ranking your site in their results. The more related sites that link to your site (especially high traffic sites relevant to your field and in the same niche), the higher on the page your site will appear when someone searches on “your” keywords. If you choose to ignore this then you will not find your blog ranking in the first page of the SERPs, and you will be fortunate to find it on successive pages, if at all.

    4. There is no substitute for using the innformation your are given to get out there and locate related blogs in the same niche and leaving meaningul comments on those blogs. If you truly wish to suceed at blogging then you do not invest time into non-productive and even contraindicated pusuits.

    I know this comment sounds "preachy" but if there's even one blogger out there, who does want to have a succesful blog with authority in its niche, and a decent PageRank, and they use this information to set out on the correct course then I will be happy I spent my time typing this.

  20. Thanks for the input, TimeThief.

    I'm not too worried about the search engines, personally, but I can see what you mean. I've definitely done ghost writing for companies interested in SEO, content creation, etc.

    I'd rather have my eyes scratched out by a flock of Hitchcock's angry grackles than place keywords in anything ever again.

    I don't (nor would I ever) do that anymore. Personally, I'm just using it as a place to practice writing and a social connection to other people who like to write. The more "serious" aspect of writing--the writing, revising, and submitting to (hopefully) paying markets--is outside of my WordPress experience.

    For me, in a way, "it's all relevant" at this point, but if you're looking to create a thriving niche blog focused on home improvement projects, random link exchanges are, no doubt, counter productive.

    Good advice for the concerned professional. :) Me, I'm just looking to be social and make some linky, bloggy friends.

  21. I am going to have to disagree with you slightly on this timethief.
    1/You state we are off track,Let me ask you this,what are those of us who have personal blogs,who write about daily lives,who write poetry,or stories or simple have blogging as something they do in their free time supposed to do?what are we supposed to link too to make our pages legit for search engines? i cant simply link to something that hasnt been published online,from my imagination,from my personal experiences.......yes i can link to similar trains of thought ,like-minded people,who are in agreement with me,yes i can link to news articles,you tube videos or songs which have a similar theme or message to the one i talk about in that post.....i cant however link to whats not how do i correct this,and have it so a search engine knows that when i do link "offtrack" its not because im posting links randomly.its because its personal,and hasnt been written about before i cant link to what is not out there somewhere else..i can only link to similar themes etc...and for that i may infect be getting viewed by Google search engine as offtrack

    2/Taking that into consideration timethief,ive given this a lot of thought,about how it it all ties in with my readers,i am very aware of that,and conscious about it before i publish any links of any sort,ive come to the decision i personally with my own blog,am not looking for blog to be set up to be a wealth of information,[im not wikipedia posting links to anything and everything with a similar word,or subject matter] it is for me personal,creative and imaginative,what i write about,i do not have anywhere to link to,if i do get inspired by something,a news article,a song, or something of that nature i do indeed post a link to it on my page,under the post,and that all ties into that specific topic ive just discussed.
    How do i then go about fixing this problem?how can i find out what my serps on google are?,and how do i go about getting higher up on the listing?,is there anyway for me to know this?,a site i can go to to see where i do in fact place,and perhaps set about correcting my page??

    4/timethief,if i were to do as you say,and simply link only to other creative writers,im going to end up sending my own readers off onto a different source and style of writing different then my own.Poets,story wiiters,people who talk about there lives,experiences etc......i have my own unique set up,way of writing,style......i cant simple link to other creative writers,because there works are vastly different from my own,ill lose out too with my own readers for suggesting those page to prefer not to link at all,if i have to be confined to linking other creative writers only.....I am a person,into different things,music,books,poetry,science,etc......when a reader comes to my showing them all that,im showing them,look this is me,this is how i write,this is what inspires me,this is where you may find relevant information,or this is my source material[if i have source material.mostly i write about experiences etc]....i am being consistent with the information i provide,yet to a search engine im impersonal software programme im do i fix this?..or can i even? unclear in that regard

    4/i will only show my readers links,reciprocal ones,from different styles of blogs,because they to me as a person are interesting and relevant to me,my ideas for my posts,they are of interest to me,and they may be as well for my readers

    I too am not doing it for any sort of reward or pay off,page ranking are fine,im not looking to achieve that with my own personal blog,if i do in time decide to take it more seriously,i will simply open up another blog,and follow the advice you have given timethief.....i am unclear how to do that with a personal creative blog though.....if i was a published author,or writer,then id have relevant information to link not,i blog for people to read if they want,posts i share...that come from me and my own lifestyle,background,experiences etc
    however i am like most on here simply looking to have a few people come check it out,simply read if they want
    most people timethief are doing blogs for themselves,to vent,to link up,make friends,fellow bloggers,they like,and thats all....they arent concerned with making a page ranking on google,they arent interested in anything but have there own little blog world,to chat to people,share some posts,have a few comments on what they post,and thats it

  22. I agree with you timethief. Yesterday I linked my site with other related sites and hit 46 views.

  23. I appreciate all the info on both ends of the spectrum. I never considered the page ranking guidlines when it comes to linking up, so thanks!

    I, however don't have a niche. Personal blog is my niche, and so far it seems like the blogs I linked to are personal, so I'm in the clear. I linked myself to a poetry blog, but I'd say poetry is pretty personal.

  24. I couldn't care less about page rankings, etc. I am in e-mail contact with the Sports Information Directors at the schools I cover and I get hits from links they put up when I write about their teams, plus the search engines are sending people to my blog when they enter things like "NAIA Football" or various team or player names or "Vietnamese Myth" or "Bad movies" or "Navajo Myth" ,even "English Civil War" ,so I'd rather have THAT. The reason I would rather have that is because it's bringing me READERS not just other bloggers following this ridiculous "Chain letter scam" philosophy of blogging that gets droned on about here over and over again by the same person. (Condescending Sigh) Another good way to get READERS, not fellow bloggers, is to get your stuff shown at various "link dumps" around the internet. They take submissions and if your dashboard shows you are getting hits from there it's from people who saw the subject of your article and wanted to READ it. This is a very good way to get hits for blogs that have ACTUAL CONTENT, but I'm sure it won't be very helpful, say for a blog that exists just to get "hits for hits sake" because someone surfing the net for reading material is not going to want to bother clicking on a link to a blog pushing the same tired blogging tips you can find anywhere on the internet just by searching under "Tips on blogging". For blogs that have actual content, however, they are a good thing.

  25. I'm not sure if this is a I agree or I disagree conversation, what Time Thief is referring to is stated by Google. I'm with Navy that I'm appreciating both sides (for lack of a better word in my brain right now) and of course we want the commroderie of fellow bloggers whom enjoy our posts and comments AND can share on what our blog niche is. Writing and personal blogs are a very broad spectrum.
    I think it's a question of how far do you want to take your blog?
    My page rank on my whole blog doesn't compare however I do have a couple posts where I tagged, catagorized and put the proper material into the post where; for those posts I hit on the first page of google and am in the number one slot even a year later.

    Just recently I went through my blogroll and found that half of the blogs weren't even still in use, some also were set to private, and others just had nothing on them that connected what my blog is about so I deleted them and I noticed that I began to climb up on googles pages which for my blog is an important aspect since even though it's based on a very broad spectrum I'm still getting to the readers whom need my blog and in turn I need them. I also want to mention that I have a very personal blog but don't want to bring just drop throughs, I want a certain type of person to read my words. Now if I had a blog where I was going to share my writing ie...poetry, verse, fiction related ect... then I might choose a different approach.

    Just some thoughts.

  26. @Bats
    I'm glad you picked up on the fact that this isn't an agree or disagree situation at all. I posted facts. Those facts came straight from Matt Cutts and his Google Staff.

    Those who do want to have a blog that does achieve authority in the personal blogging niche or in any other niche and a PageRank will benefit from reading read and applying the information I shared.

    Those who don't care if their blogs ever achieve authority in a niche and a PageRank can completely ignore my comment above. That's cool with me.

  27. @ timethief...none of us were disagreeing with that,yes you did simply state facts,in fact i even went to the serps website to check out my own blog last night
    we appreciate you getting this information together for us
    we are disagreeing with the facts,most of us slightly,thats all
    its a system and like any system its not perfect one
    there are grey areas within it,and some of us fall under that category
    again it was a very factual comment,its how the internet software works
    and that effects bloggers here on WordPress
    i simply have a take on it,as did those who commeted above
    again thank you for giving new bloggers all the facts,they were taken into consideration by all,including myself,i assure you

  28. Okay, so I'm going to only accept personal blogs to link up with. If there's anyone out there who would like to still link up, let me know! I will be checking on this forum a few times a week looking for new recruits.
    If your blog is funny, even better! I don't care much for depressing blogs - no offense, it's just not something i like to read.

  29. I'm also putting a limit to how many link exchanges I do, just to be on the safe side. SEO is a lot more complicated than I thought.

  30. anyone wants to exchange link? Topics on team building, strategic planning, organizational development please. Blog is at

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