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Link exchange, anyone?

  1. @thadzonline
    Just saying ...

    This thread was posted by navybound who is looking for personal blogs and humor blog link exchanges. As you do not have a personal blog or humor blog and as you have have only posted into navybound's thread for the purpose of directing bloggers to your own unrelated blog this could be perceived as rude act that's referred to as "threadjacking".

  2. Its amazing people wont let you do what you want on youre own blog. Who gives a crap if google says stuff about linking. We are people who are quite capable of making our own decisions when it comes to our blogs. Let us make decisions without input that does not matter.

  3. @jmcartee

    Its amazing people wont let you do what you want on youre own blog.

    OMG! Who are these people and what are they not letting you do what with your blog?

  4. No, no - google doesn't care what you put on your blog. They have a special way of crawling websites and if you follow their guidlines, you can get higher in the search rankings.

  5. Lol, you're a little spunky firecracker, aren't you timethief?

  6. Google is Satan.

    Hmmm... this probably won't help me win points with them, will it?

    Sorry Google, I didn't mean it. You're not really Satan, you're just in line to be one of the best metaphors for Satan in the modern age, behind, of course, Monsanto, Microsoft and... McDonald's...

    Which is odd, because they're all M and that's against alphabetical order...oh well.


  7. I like that humorous take, cmhardin. I don't buy this whole pompous "slave to search engines" gibberish that you often see. My dashboard tells me I get hits from search engines if people are searching for various historical figures that I've just made a joking reference to in passing. Not the most reliable system. I figure if I get ample hits from search engines even though I've NEVER gone along with this silly philosophy the world won't end if people don't mindlessly go along with it.

    Plus I'm glad Thadzonline posted what he did! I've got some friends with similar blogs who would love to make contact.

  8. Hi, just started a blog...not that great, but if you do have time do check it out.

    Tc. Nish

  9. @balladeer Better to be a slave to no one. Especially search engines.

    @manisha10 Consider yourself added! :) Happy blogging!

  10. @cmhardin - I hear ya! Happy blogging, folks!

  11. Could someone please do comment on my blog of "Cricket (Waqar suggest afridi captain for the world cup)" because, this topic is part of my course work and my teacher will only accept it, if there are comments

  12. I'm on my way to check your blog out.

  13. Hey guys I’m still a bit new to blogging and was wondering do you have to ask if you can link someone on your blog? It’s just I’ve kinda done it anyway with a few blogs I checked out on here and then I saw this post, I’m worried I’m worried inadvertently making a faux pas.

    If anyone would like their blog taken off mine I’d be happy to remove the link.

  14. TLE,
    No you don't have to ask, I have a number of blogs in my blog roll that I just read and don't comment and a number of them I found via the tag surfer or the global dasboard. and of course if I ever get a comment to take them off then obviously I would. Don't worry about, you are fine.

  15. Groovy.

  16. peace out

  17. I too have been wrestling with how to fit within timethiefs facts. Facts say I must connect with other blogs in my niche. Well I see myself as a 'crazy cat lady' and I write to teach.

    Why would I want to connect with blogs written by other "crazy cat ladies?" They already know the same stuff as me. Since my goal is to teach, I want to connect with everyone that is NOT in my niche. That's how I see it anyway, but I really am unsure.

    In the end I have chosen to just go with my gut. I read any and all blogs that interest me and just let the connections and/or links fall as they land.

    I am curious though, what is a link dump? It was mentioned on page 1 this topic as a good way to get readers.

  18. @lifewith4cats
    I don't know what a link dump is.

    Regarding backlinks though I do know that blog carnivals can bring in a flood of traffic and links. The aim is for some to "stick" and become regular readers/subscribers.

    A blog meme is a viral game where you generate links and relationships through asking other bloggers to participate. Blog memes are legitimate means of securing backlinks. See Memes, Friends and Backlinks >

    Do note that I did not instruct anyone to do anything at all with regard to which blogs to read and/or link to. I explained what reciprocal and non reciprocal links were in the context of blogroll linking choices. I explained the authority and value or lack thereof as seen through the eyes of Matt Cutts and the Google team. Naturally, their aim is to deliver what potential readers search for relavant and timely results.

    In the context of my blogging tips blog I am reading 193 blogs.
    I did enter any reciprocal link exchanges (you link to me & I link to you).
    I do not have a traditonal Blogroll and I do not use a Links widget.
    I have a Links page AKA a reader's resource page with about 40 links on it.
    I am selective about the sites that I choose to place on that page. The page contains links only to sites that I believe will enhance my readers’ experience of learning how to become a better blogger, how to build a better blog, and how to effectively promote their blog.

    In the context of my personal blog I am reading 76 blogs.
    I did enter any reciprocal link exchanges (you link to me & I link to you).
    I do not have a traditonal Blogroll and I do not use a Links widget.
    I link to a wide variety of blogs that span the personal blogging niche. Total = 62 links.

  19. OOPS! I am tired and I missed out typing in a word out above twice.

    I did NOT enter any reciprocal link exchanges (you link to me & I link to you). In other words in both blogs I made my own choices of which blogs to link to.

  20. My blog = A diary of a sophisticated girl.

    Check it out :)

  21. I write some poetry.

  22. roughwaterjohn

    Interesting exchanges here, I've been enjoying them as much as your blogs, thanks! Of course, I've been channeling my inner 'wierd' for years, so that might be a caveat you should take into consideration .

  23. sarahtylerdeen

    I would love to exchange links with anyone! That is, if I like your blog.

    Mine is:

    Let's do this (:

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