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Link Exchanging with Similiar websites

  1. I'm looking for similar websites to my blog to exchange links with Mehungwaylo WordPress

    The content of the blog is offensive humor or fratire. If you want to exchange links just let me know here and we can add each other. :)

  2. Are you aware that reciprocal link exchanges don't have as much value as they once did? Last year Google made that very clear. It's far more valuable to receive backlinks to your posts from blogs with similar content than it is to enter reciprocal link exchanges.

    The best linking strategy is to get a lot of non-reciprocal links (or one-way links), which are also relevant links to your site from high ranking and popular sites. When your site receives a lot of quality non-reciprocal links, the search engines consider your websites and the web pages that receive these inbound quality links as containing highly valuable web content.

  3. Yea, actually I'm completely away of that. Thanks for spamming.

  4. I didn't spam your thread. I provided useful and up to date information that was derived from Matt Cutts of Google. :(

  5. Okay? well thanks.

  6. Thanks for being helpful timethief. What would we do without you?


  7. shopfrontsigns

    I find link exchanging can be very useful, forget about if google finds it useful. People find it useful. I have had very positive results from link exchanging with suitable websites that have relevent content. New business contacts can be built up as well as helping the visitors to your website with valuable contacts and information.
    There is more to link building than keeping google happy, keep your visitor happy.

  8. @lilsaurez
    You're welcome. :)

  9. @mehungwaylo
    You're welcome. :)

  10. @mehungwaylo
    Without doubt your blogroll links should be focused providing resources to your readers. <p style="text-align:left;">Linking to blogs that are related to your own blog and that you regularly read comes naturally, and Google is looking for these natural linking patterns. Keeping a short blogroll of relevant links to the most authoritative blogs in your niche makes perfect sense and is referred to as a natural linking pattern.</p>

  11. martingrahamsmith

    3 posts in a row replying to yourself sure looks like spam to me.

    Nobody is asking for these "helpful" tips, timethief.

  12. What the .... is with you people get off my thread if it's not a link request it's not relevent to the topic. I know everything your telling me and your opinions not important to anyone but yourself. You thinking it is is narcissm.

  13. @mehungwaylo
    I apologize for offending you. It wasn't my intent. There are very few threads with interesting titles on topics I'm into ... what can I say? I over shared ... I'm sorry.
    [red -faced she exits to return no more. :( ]

  14. Stop being sorry it's to sensitive for me. I hate feelings and I didn't get offended I just didn't want people questioning my motives are assuming I don't have any knowledge of Google.

  15. I comprehend now that you are an experienced blogger with a knowledge of Google and SEO. I didn't know that then. I presumed you were a newbie. If I could edit I would remove everything I said to you in this thread but I can't ... I'm embarrassed.

  16. shopfrontsigns

    I'm not embarrassed.

    Nice comment you put on my showcase post, It may be true what you said about starving hunters but I don't want everyone knowing that I don't like hunting.

    Anyway I am a vegetarian, I only eat vegetarians. Thankyou, farewell and goodbye.

  17. "Anyway I am a vegetarian, I only eat vegetarians."


    Hey jack stop spamming my thread. From the look of your statement your obviously as bright as the sun... You're a vegatarian which is why you only eat other vegetarians. Hey hanibal after your done spamming here why don't you go do some more cannibalism somewhere else.

  18. shopfrontsigns

    When I was typing about eating vegetarians I was typing about Cows, which you may not be aware eat grass and are therefore vegetarians and taste very nice in a burger.

    Now about the spamming issue. Spamming can be very useful, it can keep a post alive and near the top of the page instead of languishing on page 2.

    I am quite happy if you want to spam away on any of my showcase posts if you find any. Spamaway. Sounds like a song, Montypython has a great sketch about spam.

    I like spam and eggs myself:)

    That was my last comment, I promise I won't post again incase it offends.

    You may now watch this post drop into obscurity.

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