Link featured picture directly to page, structure theme?

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    I am using my WordPress blog ( to build a website using the Structure theme. I have three posts sticky posted to my dynamic home page. I would like these posts to link to the pages they talk about, for example, the about post to link to the about page. However, currently clicking on the featured picture for each post links to the individual post, as you would expect. Is there a way of ensuring that clicking the picture on the homepage will link directly to the page I want it to rather than having to go through the post first? I have tried altering the link url for the picture but it hasn’t made a difference.

    Is it possible to link to the page I want by clicking on the featured image rather than having to go through the individual post, and if so, how?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. A post title will link to the corresponding post. This is perfectly normal.

    I don’t see your blog (because it’s private), so I’m not sure how your front page is set up exactly or what the content of your stickies is. If you want different links on your front page, then maybe you can consider putting a static front page instead (where you’ll put whatever links you want):



    @airodyssey I’ve taken the blog off private in case seeing the front page and the content of the stickies helps. Changing it to static is something I’ve tried before but it doesn’t look as good as the dynamic page. I assume not as it is the normal function, but if for example I purchased the CSS upgrade as I intend to so I can customize the site further (I’ve used the preview to get everything as I want it re fonts and look) would I be able to link directly to the page via the picture? When reading the CSS forums it said you can’t change the functionality of certain things, I imagine this falls under that category.


    • No you can’t change what a featured image links to.

    • It’s absurd to have posts with no content linking to static pages, just for the sake of the images.

    • What you can (or rather: should) do is take advantage of the Homepage Top Right widget area: instead of or in addition to the blurb you’ve written there, you can add links to the pages you want, complete with images and everything. They can be styled anyway you please via HTML. If you need help with that, let me know.



    @panaghiotisadam Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds like it might be a better idea. I’ll give it a go and if I struggle with it I’ll be sure to ask. Thanks for the heads up!

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