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    I have what may be a strange question.

    I have a page at and I have a gallery on the front static page. There are three images for different categories. I.e. Journalism, Web, Print.

    When clicking on one of the categories, like if I click on print, it pulls a print pic properly. Then when you click on the next arrow it pulls an image from another category and those are the only two pics that you can access. No matter which category you pic you only get two pics even though there are more pics there.

    So the question is since all of the pics are in one gallery how does wordpress know which pics to pull?

    I am probably going to create a gallery, or a page, for each category since that seems like it may be easiest. If I do that how to I link to the gallery or page since that option is not available when I go to edit a pic in the current gallery?

    I hope that I didn’t confuse anyone with all of this. :) However if I am not clear please let me know.

    And as usual all comments are greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Jim, you’re changing the site faster than I can keep up. :)

    So the question is since all of the pics are in one gallery how does wordpress know which pics to pull?

    It looks to me like you have indeed changed this so that you now have 3 separate Pages, each with its own Gallery. Correct?

    opinion/I don’t think the theme you’re currently using (Spun) really does what you need it to do. Spun is one of less than a handful of themes where the widget areas are entirely hidden until an icon is clicked. I’d look through the Portfolio themes and see if another one isn’t suited better to your purpose./opinion



    Sorry! Jim is my husband and he was helping me… I didn’t realize he had people looking at what he’d done.

    The issue is that since a gallery pulls from the media library, even if you only select a couple of images to run in a particular gallery, the gallery pulls all the pictures from the library… that’s the problem we seem to be having currently.

    Although I have not checked it today… I just recently took a wordpress class and the instructor said that sometimes WP is a little slow to catch up… so, I’ve given it a rest thus far today (and my brain).

    Sorry I was flustering you!



    No worries Gina. I don’t fluster easily.

    FWIW- no Gallery will pull in every image from the Media Library unless you’ve included it in the Gallery itself.

    If you feel like doing a little reading:

    And as far as WordPress classes and instructors, make sure that the material you are learning is relevant for

    More reading:

    The best places to learn about are , our Support site and these forums.



    Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate it!



    I just looked at my galleries… even though I have them all set to be display a black background, only one of the galleries is doing so…

    and it looks like the “extra” images pulled from the media library is no longer an issue :-)

    weird stuff… but interesting. :-)

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