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Link from Header Image

  1. I have a full width header image on the blog. Is it possible to set the header image to link to another website, ie like a banner?
    Blog url:

  2. thistimethisspace

    No that's not possible. Moreover, sneaky header redirect links form header images to different sites send up all kinds of warning bells with users like me and Google.

  3. Again, thanks for you advice. The image had a big 'buy online' button to take people through to the online store where the tea and coffee are available, so it wasn't the intention to be sneaky – I shall give it some more thought.

  4. Well, a big "BUY ONLINE" banner and a link to a site to purchase things will get your blog suspended ASAP, so it's not a good idea.

    Your blog here can be used to sell things you, yourself make. It cannot be used to sell things other people make.

  5. Thanks. I didn't realise that WordPress was not keen on commercial use, do you know if there an info page on this topic available?

    Most of the links on the site were intended to take users through to an online store selling the tea and coffee mentioned on the WordPress site. They weren't affiliate links but standard links to the person who will be running the sites products. I'm setting it up for them, maybe WordPress software would be a better route?

  6. An info page on what topic? WP rules and policies?

  7. software, and paid hosting, will be a better route. Staff routinely suspend blogs whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to offsite sales links, affiliate or not.

    If you want a blog to discuss a business sector, is fine. If you want a blog to drive sales, this is not a good choice.

  8. Besides which, if you install it as a subdomain of their existing site, all the SEO from the blog will transfer to their website. This is HUGE. This is why companies start blogs in the first place.

  9. Great, thanks for all your help.

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