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Link Gallery images to Pages and or Posts or external URL

  1. My site would be made more navigable and even fun to use if this feature were allowed. Please add me to the request list.

  2. Totally, I support this request too!

  3. I want! I want! I want!

  4. This is a needed feature.

  5. Surprised that this in not available already seems so logical, so why is it hard?

  6. Been wasting a lot of time today trying to figure out a way to link the images in my WordPress Gallery to images within the library. I then want to link those images to an external website.

    Please, we need the link URL feature on WordPress Galleries at least!

  7. Great suggestion Jennifer!

  8. Just adding my support. This would make the gallery feature perfect for nonprofit users to create a "thank you" page made up of logos from their sponsors/major donors.

  9. Just found this thread by Googling "how to link word press gallery images to specific page" I was hoping that I was missing an obvious step but it looks like I am just one of many people that want this option! I hope it is changed soon!

  10. I can't believe that WordPress 4.0 is out and this features is still not available!!!

  11. Add me to the list!

  12. Me too!

  13. @tt-I think you only get to vote once, but thanks for your continuous support of this effort. :)

  14. @justjennifer
    I am so busy these days going back and forth to and from appointments that I am moving a warp speed and not reading carefully. Thanks for keeping tabs. lol :D

  15. Would really like to see this feature as it would make my site a lot more professional. Will look forward to the addition. My support is here.

  16. Please make this feature possible.

  17. I am a food blogger. This feature is a must! Sign me up!

  18. authorcindygrigg

    Me too, WordPress! This would rock.

  19. Hello! I'm interested in tracking specific use cases and reasons for why you guys would like to be able to link gallery images to external sites. When you post here in the future, can you please also include an explanation of what you would want to link to or use a gallery of links for?

    Here is a good example of a reason from lizthefair that I spotted above:

    This would make the gallery feature perfect for nonprofit users to create a "thank you" page made up of logos from their sponsors/major donors.

    What else?

  20. @designsimply, I realize that this has turned into a kind of "me, too!" thread, but if you look at some of the links I and others have provided in earlier posts, you'll see some desired usages.

    1. linking gallery images to other posts on the same site including recipes, highlighted posts, which could also be a gallery within a Gallery;
    2. linking gallery images to URLs could be document downloads and/or more information (pages), donors, sponsors,

    And that's all the time I have today. :)

  21. Thanks justjennifer, very helpful. I did look through some of the other threads and if I keep seeing requests and good examples posted here, then what I would like to do is collect them and make a request in the core open source WordPress software project—that's the best place to ask for a change to how galleries work and I know that people are looking at the internal media screens right now so it would be nice to bring it up with them. I can't promise it will get traction, but I'm interested because there's a good set of positive requests for a change to how gallery image links work.

  22. I like what design simply has to say here. It would be super awesome if we could get this through to make galleries more functional! Dena

  23. @designsimply, I build websites for several businesses and this feature is very important. Some of the application will be:
    Networking Association Website: link image to pages or posts giving more details of that particular event.
    Websites showcasing their products: link image to the pages where they can purchase that line of products.

    I can come back later with more ideas. Thanks

  24. @designsimply- :) Thanks for trying!

  25. I would love to have this feature as well! I wanted to make a gallery of the recipes I've posted with photos linking to the recipes themselves and this would make that so much easier!

  26. @designsimply- :) Thanks for trying!

    Interestingly, it's not as easy a problem to solve as you might think. It's because of how the database is structured. Galleries are a list of media IDs, those IDs don't have a meta field for storing a link. However, even if you did store a link… it's a tricky UX issue because then do you use that link everywhere it's displayed? If the link is attached to the media directly, then you wouldn't be able to use a different link for the same image used in more than one gallery, and that could get quite confusing. It's actually a tough case when you start thinking about the underlying structure. :) But! the specific examples are helpful to record in my opinion and maybe someday a developer will pick up the cause and make the change in the core WordPress project (which is the right place for this type of request).

  27. The same is true if you use a caption on the photo, no? It appears everywhere the same image is used.

  28. Sort of, but logic doesn't necessarily mean the same should happen for URLs that happens for captions. It makes sense to me a caption would be the same everywhere. A link, however, I would want to set per gallery. Anyway, that's just one tricky decision (probably of many like it) that would need to get made if someone were to pick up this project. It's just a rather sticky situation given the current database structure plus the already-established behavior. It's worth discussion imo though. :) I like the idea of solving this, and media things are getting more and more attention lately.

  29. I might want to caption media differently depending on where it was used.

    I've opined on this on my gallery demo site and the only solution I've been able to come up is to upload the image again so you have a unique object in each place. As far as I can tell, the original intent of the Gallery images being uploaded and attached to a specific post/page would solve both issues (caption and link).

    Since all of this trickles down to us from ORG, how does the plugin that Mika mentioned in the trak ticket you opened do what it does?

  30. Congrats @lizthefair! A "Member" no longer. :)

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