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link images being cropped on blog

  1. hi,
    i uploaded an image from my flickr site on to the blog, and when it is on the main page, the right hand side of the image is cropped.

    any idea how to edit it?

    when i go to the edit page the full image is there...


    The blog I need help with is


    is the site...

  3. Your images are 500px wide and the benevolence theme has a maximum post width of 420px. You will have to reduce the size of the images displayed in the posts.

    Open the post, click in the image, select 80% from the % size buttons adjacent to the image and then click update. Do that with all images which are cut off.

  4. thanks!

    will go ahead and try that.


  5. You're welcome.

    This happens when using flickr or another image sharing site because wordpress does not have control over the image, so it cannot do its normal sizing and resizing to keep the images at a width that will fit on the blog.

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