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    Link in a widget! It sounds like something you’d order from a stand, with mustard, on a sunny June day. Quite unlike today in Chicago.

    I want to put a link in a text widget. I searched the forum and on Oct 4, 2007, Sacredpath addressed this issue, but I do not get that ‘link-adding menu’ item in the text entering box that pops up when one makes a text widget mentioned in the answer (also there seems to be an error in the last element of the answer–a missing @ where there should be one, but that could be my bad, reading it, but it seems like something’s awry and it made me dizzy…)

    Anyhoo, I want to make the link I have in the text box in the sidebar hot, and it’s not. Will someone help?

    The blog I need help with is


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    <a href="" target="_blank">INSERT_NAME_OF_LINK_HERE</a>


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    Here are support articles with details about how to write links:


    Tess, thanks for the info. I did it, but I wasn’t successful.

    I entered the material exactly as above, in the first answer,
    <href=”” target=”_blank”>White_Lily_Fiction

    Is that what you meant for me to do?

    When I hit save, all was deleted except this:
    Want to read Catholic fiction?
    and you can see what appears on the blog, just White_Lily_Fiction

    The links are not helpful, because the first one is based on a post, not a text widget, and all you have to do in a post is hit the link button and fill in the blanks. That option is not available in the text widget dialogue box. The video available with that Help link does have the text widget dialogue box, but it goes so fast and the narrator’s accent is so strong that I couldn’t get it at all. (I was surprised that of 47 votes, 34 found the video and the supporting text material to be ‘Unhelpful,’ yet it hasn’t been changed. I wonder if anyone realizes it’s hard to understand? He talks so fast!)

    I’m going to go back and try the first part again, but not the word target or what comes after it, and see what happens.


    no, entering just the <href etc. and hitting save produced the following result in the text widget box and just the unhot words appeared in the site



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    You should be able to just copy and paste this whole thing directly into your text widget. I tried it in my test blog and it worked.

    Want to read Catholic fiction?
    <a href="" target="_blank">White Lily Fiction</a>

    It’s been quite a while since I looked at the video, but lots of the support videos move along quite fast. I keep my cursor on the pause button so I can listen again to a phrase again. Sorry it was not more help to you.


    The text you put in the last response was a little different from the initial one (lacking the last several elements), but alas, it didn’t work either! I pasted it exactly as above into the ‘edit the text widget dialogue box’ and hit save and watched the little wheel/timer go round. But the link still isn’t hot on the site as it is on your test site. Are you sure you’re in the text widget dialogue box and not a post? Does what theme it is matter?

    I’ll go back and look at the video again–I didn’t realize you could pause it and look at what he’s doing instead of trying to figure out what he’s saying.

    Thanks so much for trying, 1tess! I’m sure it’s me–but I copied/pasted the whole thing exactly as written, so I’m at a loss as to why it doesn’t work!


    I’m still trying to fix this. Has anyone else any ideas?



    Tess, thanks for the info. I did it, but I wasn’t successful.

    It didn’t work because you’re missing the “a” in the tag. You’re typing this:

    <href="" target="_blank">

    and it should be like this:

    <a href="" target="_blank">

    the code Tess gave you should work


    This is what you’ve pasted in the widget:
    <a href="" target="_blank"
    This is what you should have pasted:
    <a href="" target="_blank">Want to read Catholic fiction?</a>


    Thank you! I’m pretty sure panaghiotisadam’s solution untimately worked, but on the other hand I’m rather dizzy — all those hrefs!

    Because the words ended up so small, and do not appear to be ‘hot’ (because I suppose of the formatting already present in the theme), is there anyway I could bold that whole Want to read Catholic fiction? thing, do you think?


    <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Want to read Catholic fiction?</strong></a>
    Text bigger:
    <a href="" style="font-size:150%;" target="_blank">Want to read Catholic fiction?</a>
    (change percentage to adjust size)

    Text bigger and bold:
    <a href="" style="font-size:150%;font-weight:bold;" target="_blank">Want to read Catholic fiction?</a>


    Wowee! You da person, panaghiotisadam! I changed it up a little bit, 130%. I love it. Thank you so much, issue resolved! Thanks to everybody who helped. I’ll try to pass it on.


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    Hey hi!
    Hope you get to order a “Link in a widget” from a stand, with mustard, on a sunny June day.”

    “Quite unlike today in Chicago.” And Ann Arbor!



    I’m trying to put this badge on my site and can’t figure out what isn’t kosher for Is it that the image is hosted in photobucket? I loaded the image on my blog and tried using the WP image’s address in place of the photobucket but that didn’t work either. My blog is

    <center><img border=”0″ alt=”Texas Blogging Gals” src=””/></center>




    WP is stripping it. I put spaces in it so it wouldn’t strip it. I hope.

    “<center> <img border=”0″ alt=”Texas Blogging Gals” src=””/> </center>”



    Well, that didn’t work. How can I show the code. It’s on this page and the badge says Texas Blogging Gals.


    To show the code here, you must paste it between backticks. But don’t worry, we get the picture! The non-kosher thing is the center tags – just remove those.



    If you want to post code here, post it between backticks, those little marks on the same key as the ~ usually. So it goes Backtick, all the code, backtick.

    In this case, it’s

    <center><a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Texas Blogging Gals" src=""/></a></center>

    And I see no reason it wouldn’t work. There’s nothing wrong with the code at all. Kinda an ugly picture tho:

    Are you putting the code in a Text widget?

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