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    Sorry for my approxiamte English :oops:

    My current links in bottom of each posts are with this form:

    No comment | les groupes | Permaliens
    Published by capacitation

    If I click on “les groupes”, I am directed on the address
    “” How can I do to keep the link on “”

    Thank you in advance for your answer



    The tags in the posts go to the wordpress tag pages, not your own, and it’s hardcoded that way (you can’t change it). If you want your readers to go to your category pages, you need to put the categories widget in your side bar.

    Sorry :-|



    Some folks get around that by putting in their own links to their categories. Lorrel wrote an article on how to add in technorati tags to one’s post. You could use the same basic idea but do it with your category tags.

    hope this helps,



    thanks for the replies

    however, I thought it was possible!! I’m not sure, but nearly, at te beginning of my work, I had links as I wanted!
    and I found blogs where its works. for exemple:
    [Link removed – drmike]

    So… really impossible or complicate to do??!!



    That blogger has marked their blog as being not indexed by search engines. (That’s why I removed the link from your post.) You can tell since the following is in their HTML output:

    <meta name='robots' content='noindex,nofollow' />

    When you do that, it also keeps you out of the tag system.

    If this is what you want, visit Dashboard -> Options -> Privacy and choose the option to block the search engines.



    Sorry for my reply so late and thank you for your’s ;-)

    I find this thing very sad. But there is certainly logical reasons for the indexing. I probably will install wordpress directly on my server to adapt it to my own needs.

    Thank you for the answers



    Even if this solution is sad, it works fine!!! the topic is resolved

    thanks again

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