Link Malfunctions after Photo Gallery Carousel Upgrade

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    Is anyone else having trouble with links after the recent photo gallery carousel upgrade (

    Many of the images in my carousels have links coded into their descriptions that lead to pdf’s and pages elsewhere on my WP site. But after the upgrade, many of them are malfunctioning. They’re not just broken links. Now when I click on a link to a pdf, it actually adds the url for the pdf to the end of the current url for the image I’m viewing in the carousel–which of course isn’t valid and takes me to an error page.

    Example: This is an image in a photo gallery carousel on my site:

    In the description below the photo, there is a link to this pdf:

    But if you click it, it appends the url for the pdf to the end of the current page’s url, so you get this monster:“http:/

    I’ve looked at the href code again, and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the code for the links that aren’t working (plus, they were working before the upgrade). It’s also strange that some, but not all of the links in the galleries are behaving this way. I see no pattern in which ones work and which don’t.

    I’ve also tried deleting and re-entering the description and recoding the link, but that does not help. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    This thread was flagged earlier today for Staff attention. There’s another thread re: the same issues here >


    So, what can we do to solve the problem?


    Thanks, timethief! I appreciate it.



    We wait for Staff to respond.

    Also note this please. There are pages of threads of people reporting a wide-spread technical “invalid activation key” issue. All have been flagged for Staff attention. If that’s what you need help with than I suggest taking a break for a few hours and returning. Hopefully, Staff will have fixed this by then.


    I don´t understand what´s the solution. Foundingfamilies could you share with me what you found out, please? I´d appreciate it a lot. Thank You.


    Thanks a lot, sorry I had not seen your last comment Timethief.



    Not to worry. We are waiting for Staff and there is a very long line-up.




    Sorry for the trouble!

    We identified and corrected the issue. The affected blogs are each being fixed individually.

    If yours has not been fixed yet, it should be in a few hours.



    Thanks @macmanx-looking forward to hearing on the other thread(s) I linked to above as well as this is not a referral to sign up page issue. (I think)



    Goodness no, that be one crazy referral scheme. It was just a crazy bug.



    So wait the photo captions/descriptions broken links issue isn’t connected to the referral to the sign up page bug? If not, there’s still a problem? See above and

    (and are you channeling the Jamaican bobsled team? ;)



    I believe it was connected. It may take a few hours for all affected blogs to be fixed though.



    @macmanx-14 hours later, sorry to say no joy and I’m still experiencing the same problem as the OP. Any links that have been added to images, either in the caption or description fields, and which previously worked are now broken.

    Since there’s no announcement in the Important Notice section on the front page of the forums, and since there are at least 2 dozen threads with people who are having problems with links of one sort or another, I apologize if I have overlooked some further announcement by Staff on this problem.

    Hoping for good news soon!



    Unfortunately, the script running to fix all of the affected blogs failed about half-way through.

    We are already aware of all affected blogs, so if yours has not been fixed yet, it will be in a few hours.



    Since there has now been a further announcement in the Sticky thread at the top of the forum that all blogs should be fixed, I’m sorry to say that the problem that the OP describes in this thread and which I also posted about in my forum thread is not resolved.

    All links in photo captions and descriptions, which previously worked, are still broken.



    I think this issue isn’t related to the one we’ve run the fixer for. We’re going to look into it separately now. (Thank you Jennifer for the ping)



    Now fixed. :)



    @yoavf @stephdau Links in Image Descriptions are now working as previously. Super!

    However, Image Captions that are links now have an intermediary step.

    Previously, you could click on an image caption that contained a link and it led you directly to the link. Now clicking on the caption link opens the carousel and only when the image caption link is clicked in the carousel does it open the link.

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