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    I have already connected my Google+ profile. Now I have also created a Google+ PAGE and Google is suggesting that I link the page to my blog by asking my wordpress webmaster to add the following line of code to my site’s homepage:

    Can you do it? WHat exactly is it going to do? Is it reversible?
    Please let me know, thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Angelo – Profile connections are intended to provide authorship information for Google relating to a specific person, as Google+ defines that. Because of this, the feature is only available for profiles, and not Pages.


    Thanks eurello! However I’m not sure we are talking about the same thing: you are saying that what Google+ is suggesting me to do here

    is not allowed by Google+ policy itself?
    Could you check the link above and confirm that is the case….
    Thanks again



    Hi Angelo – That looks like it’s about connecting your blog to your Google + page, rather than the other way around. You should be able to do it by following the “Webmaster linking” instructions, but you’ll first have to verify your site with Google’s webmaster tools. We have instructions for how to do this here:


    Thanks Eurello! What you suggested was not exactly what Google was asking me to do, but i did it and it looks like it worked… :-)

    So next question would be: is there any way I can put on my blog a “Follow button” linked to my Google+ page, with the bubble showing the number of followers?
    Google+ provides code for it, but it seems like it is all in javascript which does not work on wordpress (and I don’t want the static button that just sends to my google+ page).

    The reason why I ask is because I would like to set up a very easy-no-commitment way to follow my blog. So far all I have is the email subscriptions (which I think people don’t like because they already get enough spam in their mailboxes) and the WordPress follow button, which is not friendly to non-wordpress users because it requires to open a WordPress profile and use Reader….

    Any suggestions?



    Hi Angelo – We don’t currently have that Google+ button, but I’ll pass along that you would like it; perhaps we’ll add it in future. For other following options, you might also add the RSS links widget, to make it more obvious how to subscribe to your feed:

    Note that people can also choose to receive your posts by email in a daily or weekly digest, rather than immediately.

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