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link nested pages to parent page

  1. How do I arrange my pages in hierarchies, for example I have a “Portfolio” page that has “one” , “two”, “three” , “four”, “five” , and “six” titled pages under it. It says you can nest your pages. but how I cannot see them?

  2. I assume that you have set parent pages for the child pages when you wrote the child pages. If you have done so, child pages do not appear under parent pages in the navigation bar in the header. Child pages do appear if you use the Pages widget in the side bar.

  3. or link to the Child Pages directly on the Parent Page.

    You can see this at work on my "My EZPalette" Page

  4. yes I have set parent pages for the child pages so what do you mean by using page widgets in the side bar.

  5. Can we have a link to your blog, starting with http? Some themes display things in the header, some need the page widget in the sidebar.

  6. Without a link to your blog it's hard to guess what may be wrong, but I assume it's
    If you go to Manage > Pages, can you see that the child pages are actually indented under the parent page? As in:

    Parent Page 1
    - Child Page 1 for Parent 1
    - Child Page 2 for Parent 1
    Parent Page 2
    - Child Page 1 for Parent 2
    - Child Page 2 for Parent 2

  7. I just did a test and it appears that theme does not have this function. Other themes do.

  8. I just viewed my blog in the Neo-Sapien theme, and in the Pages widget the Child Pages are not indented or otherwise to show that they are Child Pages.

  9. In fact, it appears all others do display fine, except the theme you are using. I would contact Support. I'm not sure they will fix the theme, but it's worth mentioning. I've already been in touch with them over themes that don't support bulleted or numbered lists.

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