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link no longer working, but still okay via snap shots

  1. edinburghcitylibraries

    I've inserted links to our library catalogue at If you click on the link to 'Lou Reed' it just takes you to our catalogue home page but clicking on the url at the top of the snap shots preview takes you to a list of works by and about Lou Reed - which is what I originally intended to link to. Can anyone advise how I sort the link so people go to latter automatically?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems to working correctly now. Not?

  3. edinburghcitylibraries

    afraid not: what I forgot to mention is that this problem is only apparent if you're logged out of wordpress - which is why I thought all the links were perfect when I first published this post.

    If you log out and view the site you'll see that clicking on the text 'lou reed' brings up a different page from the one you'd get by clicking the snap shots preview box.

    thanks anyway!

  4. edinburghcitylibraries

  5. Please post the code between backticks, those little apostrophe-like marks usually on the same key as the ~. So: Backtick, all the code, backtick. That makes it display properly. We can't give opinions on the code if we can't see it properly.

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