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Link not displayed

  1. I have introduced a new link, which appears on my Dashboard, but it is not displayed on the site. How can I solve this?

  2. What kind of link are you talking about? And the link you have in your post goes nowhere. How about a link to your blog as well as whatever it is that you are trying to display on your site and where it is supposed to be displayed?

  3. There is a link introduced in my Blogroll, sorry.

  4. I want to add IconsDB in my blogroll ( )

  5. OK I see your blog here (I got a 404 error when I used your link) When you added the link to your blogroll (under manage>links) did you categorize it as blogroll? In the list of links, does it show as visible?

  6. /nod to vivian

    Links will not show up unless they are assigned to a category.

  7. The link was automatically categorised as Blogroll under Manage>Links and appears there, but not on the frontpage of the site. ???

  8. Did you check the visibility in the manage>links list?

  9. I do not know which was the problem, but now it is solved. Thank you!

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