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Link not displaying once published

  1. Hi guys, new to all this... I'm trying to insert a link to another site in a new blog post, and when I add the link and the name, then click preview, the name does not show up. The link does, but it's only a millimetre wide and you only know it's there if you move the mouse over it.

    I'm trying to post this link - - but have it read "I interviewed her last week" in my blog post.

    The link button cannot be clicked in Visual (I assume that's because I'm at work and we have an outdated version of IE) but even after inserting the link in HTML it's not showing up properly once I hit preview.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need to see the blog post where you're putting that. I can't see it in your blog. IE might be the problem.

  3. Sorry!

    The links are after "And there were." under the bolded heading "Wednesday night" and "Wanda Sykes" under the bolded heading "Thursday night". The links are there but the words are not.

  4. That's because you only added a title. The title of a link isn't the visible clickable text, it's the info that shows up when you hover over the link. You need to type "I interviewed her last week" as regular text in the editor, highlight it, then click the link tool and add the URL.

  5. I see now! All fixed. Thanks very much for the prompt responses. Just a noob!

  6. You're welcome.

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