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Link of other's blogs on my blog

  1. How do I show a link on my blog to someone else's blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Duplicate Post:

    @alan061977 please don't post the same question twice, it confuses the unpaid helpers and makes many of us cranky, both 1tess & I answered your question, one or the other of us wasted some time that could have been spend helping others not giving you the same answer twice.

  3. @auxclass
    I agree, this thread is sort of a duplicate, but the OP was essentially hijacking the other thread and the post here is more appropriate.
    (I did not catch the other post btw so thank you)
    I'll properly tag this thread as links widget, link to blogs in hope that we can make the forum more logical.

  4. @1tess - yes the other hijacked thread was about 50% and you did add some more help here that I missed - I did not see the duplicate until I looked at this thread, and the question looked real familiar with the question I had just helped on. Confuses my poor head.

  5. Yes, this person seems to be new and not aware of forum etiquette here. I have warned him, and marked him as spam once so we will hope that he will understand how things work: that it is not good to confuse us volunteers, and also that we offer help ASAP (as soon as possible).
    One can expect only the possible.

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