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    I was wondering if anyone who does not use the “freshy” theme could confirm for me whether they have the same bug in their blogroll as I do: I can not seem to get the order of my links in anything but alphabetic. The UI claims to allow me to sort them by rating, and I can assign a rating to any link, but no matter what I do, the “links ordered by” field will not move from “name”.

    Can someone who uses another theme confirm that this bug affects them?



    The order shouldn’t be determined by the theme as that really is sent to the theme from the database. Interested to see what other users are seeing since it should work as Lorelle mentions in her blog (1/2 way down).



    Lorelle managed to make a workaround by assigning images to all her blogroll links and modifying the text so that the alphabetic order would display the links in her chosen order. I just tested again and the sort by dropdown box does nothing but sort the links in the blogroll admin page. The actual live blogroll remains in alphabetic order.

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