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link "page" to another blog

  1. I'm trying to link one of my "page" to another blog within wordpress.

    Eg. this page "def" is now in When I click on "Def", it brings me to


  2. Taking the url and making it into a text link or an image link? You can link what you want, except ads and stuff like that. Is that what you meant?

  3. Probably.

    How do you link the whole page to another blog?

  4. do you mean when you click the page in def blog, it will take you to abc blog? if that's what you're asking for, i don't think you can do that. you can only link to another blog through your blogroll or as nosy said, putting the url into a text/image link.

  5. Afraid not as you would have to be able to edit the theme files by adding in a link into that menu. You could with the version of wordpress from

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