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Link pages to a specific catagory from a page

  1. Hello,
    I just started using today, and it's a great tool. I have a question though. I've created multiple categories with a single post in each of them, and also pages with the same category names. Now, I want to be able to make it so that when I click on the page in the header-bar of the site, it will go to the respective category. Anyone know how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure, make a custom menu to link to your category pages.

  3. You can't post to those pages you have set up. You have only one dynamic page for posting: it changes every time you make a post and it is the only page on your blog which does that. Delete those pages you made and link instead to your categories.

    For example, delete your "genetics" page. Then make a custom menu with this link:
    so that when you write more articles on that topic they will appear on a category page called genetics.

    Here is another article about custom menus:

    This article will explain more clearly why you cannot post to a page:

  4. Thanks for the reply, so I cannot use the tabs at the top correct?

  5. Not correct. You can, but you need a custom menu.

  6. Hello, thanks for the replies. I created custom menus and for some reason only one shows up. What I did was:
    1.) Label and create menu.
    2.) Drag the categories module into the menu thing.
    3.) Save
    Now there's two problems:
    1.) The home menu is gone from the head-bar.
    2.) Only one menu comes up when I made the menus for all of them.
    The one that does show up (genetics) works correctly.

  7. Does your theme support more than one menu?

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