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Link Problem

  1. Hi,

    I swear I did not do anything but suddenly my links are all cranked up. Firstly, on my dashboard the link bar has been replaced by bookmark. Secondly, on the blog, every link is being displayed 2 or 3 times.

    Could you help me please?


  2. Almost the same here. Link categories and Post categories are mixed up in the dashboard. They must be working on it :)

  3. Ok. Gotcha. Thanks for the update.

  4. I too have bookmarks instead of categories. When I try to add a new category in the links (bookmarks?) I get "You don't have permission to do that." I'm logged in as an administrator and I'm the only one on the blog. What gives?

  5. ... and the sidebar within Create Bookmarks is now broken -- the lower two sections are on top of the text and WP logo, when Categories is open. Oops!

  6. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I now have sidebar link (now called bookmark?) categories mixed in with my post categories. One of my categories of links has now been completely reordered in the sidebar box, and there's no way to edit it now as a sidebar category to say what order I want the links to appear in. I don't even want to know what would happen if I were to now associate a post with one of my link categories or, even worse, if I were to delete one of those link categories.

  7. I tried deleting the doubles and they were all permanently deleted!

  8. WP does not have any announcement about changing the links or anything. And this problem is not there at every blog. I have send them a feedback but they are yet to get back to me. The best policy might be to hold on for now.

  9. I have a nasty feeling this might be to do with some of the changes they're making for the next release of wordpress, since in the latest nightly build links have apparently been renamed 'bookmarks' and link categories integrated with post categories.

    I guess we're being used as involuntary beta testers again. Oh joy.

  10. It's not broken. It's just the new WP version...

  11. If it's confusing people, it's broken. End of.

  12. Very frustrating! I spent a lot of time when I set up my blog carefully assigning my links -- now "bookmarks" -- to specific categories that really meant specific things and communicated specific things. Now the most links/bookmarks in the most important-to-separate-out category randomly defaulted to the blogroll. A lot of those links are not blogs, they are other kinds of sites and they don't BELONG on the blogroll. I'm not being allowed to create any new categories, all I can do is reassing those links to a category called "Uncategorized". ! The way to win friends and influence people is not to move their links from a specific category to the blogroll then onto "uncategorized".

    Argh. This is very frustrating!


  13. Whether links are called bookmarks or links or Webthingummies is not the issue. But the fusion of categories (post categories and link categories) is not just confusing, it's pretty nonsensical. How can a user manage that? Where are those categories supposed to appear on a sidebar (sidebars if you use a 3 column theme) when one widget is assigned to "categories" and another one to "links" ????? Once you had a blogroll and categories, distinct entities that allowed you to offer visitors a clear and user friendly menu or interface.
    For the time being, the results ain't that disastrous for me (when I see the utterly damaging consequences for others who lost hours and hours of SWEAT), I just had to replace capital letters cause a former LINK category had the same name as a former POST category. I'm afraid of tinkering with my current widget configuration, stuck because things could get worse. Following me? I know, it's confusing. :((((((

  14. Any hope of this being fixed any time soon? Or should I just start from scratch?

  15. Maybe a feedback suggesting what you want would help?...

  16. If they are making some changes to the links/bookmarks as well as the assignments of the categories, do let us noe when will it b done?

    FYI, i just registered for the latest wordpress blog and the links on the sidebar wont show up. and i cant classified them to catgories. I wonder if this is related.

  17. tendouji, there appears to be some sort of bug there.

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