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  1. Hi there!

    When I first started to write posts in my blog, I had no problems in "making a link out of the word" (like turning up a text, coloured blue, that links to an other page.)
    But lately I can't make this wonderful thing to work. I can see the button, but it ain't avaliable to push.

    Help anyone?

  2. Are you selecting the text first? The button is disabled until some text is selected.

    Please report the exact steps taken so we can help discover what went wrong. :-)

  3. Also what browser are you using?

    You may also want to try forcing a refresh of the Write Post page.

  4. I'm using Opera 9.00 Beta. What do you recomend?

  5. Reading andy's post and also checking out teh link that I suggested as well. :)

  6. Oh, I found out now.

    Me stupid.

    I didn't knew that I had to select the text first. But can't remeber that I did that before..hmm.

    jeje, thanks!

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