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Link Snapshots Stopped Working

  1. One reason that I picked the "Sandbox" theme was that it seemed to be the only one that allowed me to get little "snapshots" over the links when I let the cursor hover over them. Now, for some reason, it's completely not working. I'm wondering if this is a temporary problem with WordPress that will be fixed or if something screwed up in my computer. The snapshots are enabled; I double-checked that.

  2. Is it not working for you on ALL blogs, or just on your own? And yes, you can get Snap Preview over any blog at WordPress where it's been enabled, the theme shouldn't matter. But I can't suggest a WordPress blog to check that on, because all of the ones I know have shut them off.

  3. i have them enabled on my blog, and they aren't working this morning (just checked).

  4. Thanks raincoaster and judyb12 for the answers...

    I started my WordPress blog a couple of weeks ago, and Sandbox seemed to be the only theme where the Snap Preview was working, for some reason. (By which I mean, the only theme that I picked for my blog in which it seemed to be working.) After I posted my question here I found out that not only was the Snap Preview feature not working, but the format got kind of screwed up when I tried to go to the permalink page for a post. (Too involved to describe here - it was pretty off.) So, I changed themes, and I like the present one better (forgot the name for now). However, the Preview still isn't working.

    judyb12, I just visited your blog to check out the links, and the Snap Preview was working on my browser. Still isn't working for my blog, though, and it is enabled.

  5. I would send a Feedback at this point. Perhaps the support guys can find something we can't think of?

  6. Thanks, I'll do that a little later if it doesn't clear itself up somehow. Now I've noticed that it's working in the posts but not in the blogroll.

  7. inbetweendreams

    hey! i have the same problem with the snap function not working for the blogroll. i checked another wordpress site and it was working but just not on mine. do update when yours is working!

  8. Best bet would be to clear your cache and try it again on your site. It will only work with external links (not ones on your site). If clearing your browser cache doesn't work and it is still not working on Monday morning, just send in a feedback through your admin to the staff!


  9. I've had a lot of Snap! trouble lately, too.

    Previews are slow to update in queue -- if ever.

    Snap! is slow to load a preview even if it has one.

    I turned it off and everything runs/loads much faster now.

  10. Snap! is slow to load a preview even if it has one.

    That's been reported on my own WPMu install as well. They probably need more bandwidth.

  11. Snap! is interesting, drmike, when it works -- but when it is slow and slogs up your blog you gotta retire it.

    I installed it on my websites and on my Blogger test blog and took it off everything 20 minutes later. Very slow. It completely killed Blogger. Couldn't click on any live URLs with it active.

  12. Couldn't click on any live URLs with it active.

    I noticed that as well. That and when you hover with your mouse, when the popup appears, you lose the URL within your status bar along the bottom. At least in Netscape 7.x it does. Rather annoying. (Probably something on Netscape's end.)

  13. It does that in IE and FF too Mike.

  14. Really? Because in IE6, the URL stays in the status bar. At least for me.

  15. Right! And if Snap! is slow loading it slows down all the load elements on your page. I became tired of waiting for Snap to finish so the rest of the page could complete.

  16. Glad to see all the replies and know that I'm not the only one having problems with this. Clearing the cache didn't do anything, by the way.

    Snap! is still working in the posts but not in the blogroll. Where Snap! is working, the URL does stay in the status bar at the bottom. (I'm also using IE 6.)

    I just sent the problem to "Feedback"...

  17. nicholasdrussell

    Not working for me as well. OK for a link in a post but it will not work for a link in Blogroll or a text box.

  18. I think it's disabled on all sidebar links while they're doing all this sidebar tweaking. Send a feedback and request that it be re-enabled.

  19. nicholasdrussell

    Well a lightening response! I'm sure it was working a week or so ago so I will send feedback as you suggest.

  20. Hi. I found this old thread through my stats. Updating on my own situation, Snap was working for a couple of months but it has stopped, specifically in the blogroll, for me too, since the beginning of the past weekend. I sent feedback. Response was, "I see Snap on your site - did you check the Snap site?" Anyway, don't have the time to get into this more right now, but it still isn't working in the blogroll as of...Wednesday morning. If a bunch of people are having the same problem(?), I guess it will be fixed sometime...

  21. I have the same problem too. Feedback told me about my cache but that has not worked at all. I'm waiting to see if it's fixed by its own, the same way it stopped working....

  22. Nothing will be fixed of it's own accord only staff can fix these things. :)

  23. That's what I meant... I will do nothing

  24. thumbs up :)

  25. In times like these it's always nice to remember the old adage, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." :-)

  26. @shortexact I celebrate the absence of "snap" from my own blogs and from all others that do not have it operating ... ;)

    No offense intended - some of us bloggers like "snap" and some of us don't.

  27. I have the same thing going on with my blog. It's in the blog roll only.

  28. You'll have to send feedback to staff when they open for the week. It's not something any of the forum volunteers can fix.

    And FWIW, I turned the snap previews back on (and then back off) for my blog and it doesn't work with the blog roll.

  29. Has snap shot been working at all? I started using it on my blog a couple of months ago and stopped, then I came back to it and forgot how to use it. I have spent a lot of time tonight trying to remember how to do it and the lingo on the snap shot website itsn't heloing me. Does anyone know how to make it work? Thanks-

  30. thistimethisspace

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