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link that is not mine is on my post! not visible in editor

  1. what the bleep!
    just found a link at the end of a post when i click on the title
    it says:

    Possibly related posts:
    The new play and other stuff

    it's url:

    this has nothing to do with the post and i certainly did not enter it

    is it possible that someone has hacked into my blog?!

    i checked to see if it was in the html editor/codes/strings/what’s its’
    NO it is not

    what to do?
    this is an outrage!

    might it have to do with backtrack?
    In spam there is a backtrack thing in brackets which i have clicked on
    i don't know how it works and have clicked a few when i see them if i'm using something from that site


  2. whoops - title in question is


  3. It's a new feature from WordPress... you can disable it by going into your Dashboard, click on the Design Tab, then Extras. Just click the box thingee...

  4. thanx feartheseeds!
    what a relief
    wouldbe nice to be able to edit what is linked to ones blog!
    maybe they are working onit
    it would be fine if the link WAS related to it!
    did you see it was related?
    if so i'll unblock it!

  5. you can read more about the new feature here:

    this link is also on the front page of

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