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Link This Bookmarklet

  1. I want to be able to quickly add a link to my blogroll, and according to the FAQ, I should be able to create a bookmarklet (see below) but whenever I go to Manage Links, there is nothing to drag to my favorites.

    Link This!

    Go to Manage -> Links. Scroll to the bottom.

    Right-click or drag the link to your Favourites.


    When you are a site that you wish to link, click the Link This in your Favourites.

    A popup will open with the details already added.
    All you have to do is add the category.


  2. I believe this is now a plugin for your browser, no longer something on your Admin bar.

  3. HuH. didn't realize its a browser plug-in now.
    I just tried my old "link this" in my bookmarks...
    It just takes me to my Dashboard now.

  4. Yeah, it takes me to my dashboard now, too. They should update the FAQ. So I have to get a plug-in for my browser? Where do I find that?

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