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    I have looked around and can’t see this topic covered elsewhere, so if it has been and I missed it then I apologise in advance.
    If you use the ‘Link This’ button then be careful to check the bookmarks you have saved to your page as I have found a number of times that, instead of linking to the site I wanted a link to, it instead links to http://www.bizwiz.com by putting http://3A in front of your link in the bookmarks.



    Example please so we can see what’s going on.

    By the way, it looks like your Flickr widget is mucked up and pointed back to your blog. Please check the RSS feed that you have set. I think that happens when you forget the http:// on your URL.

    Hope this helps,



    I saw the same problem when using the “Link This” button (which I was able to drag to my toolbar in Mozilla). I stopped using it and enter the links manually instead.



    I haven’t any examples left as I edited all the bookmarks as soon as I found out what was happening. I’d dragged the ‘Link This’ button to my toolbar, and discovered (this morning) that when I’d used it the http:// for the site I wanted to link had become http://http:// followed by A3, which linked it to the ‘bizwiz’ page instead. It doesn’t appear to have happened every single time, but about 50% of them.
    Also, I checked the Flickr widget and the http:// is there, and when I clicked on it was taken straight to Flickr, so I don’t know what’s happening there.



    That second example didn’t work. What I was trying to show was that two http:// ‘s showed up, followed by the A3.

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