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link to a topic in the side bar does not work anymore

  1. Hi and thanks in advance for your help!
    I added an article, "After all it is only a Cattle Dog". to the link in my right sidebar, called "Dodo comments:, but it does not show up there. It is only under "articles" in my left sidebar. What went wrong? Two earlier comments went to this headline "Dodo comments" and I did everything like earlier with this new article.
    Kind regards, Doris

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    Please link to the blog in question and describe exact steps of "did everything like earlier".

  3. The blog is: The menu in the sidebar is called: "Dodo comments:" I brought the widget: last article (in German:letzter Artikel) to my first sidebar.
    Then I brought my article: "The expert, who knows everything" to "Articles" in the dashboard. There I could install a new topic, which I did and called it: "Dodo comments".
    Without any problem that article could be seen right under the new topic.
    Then I brought the next article "The scary ghost" the same way under the headlind "Dodo comments:"
    You can see both.
    Now comes, what I do not understand: the third article "After all he is only a Cattle Dog" can only be seen under the topic "Articles" and not under the topic "Dodo comments:".
    What am I doing wrong?
    Kind regards,

  4. Sorry, I forgot this step: I installed the link wizard and gave it the name "Dodo ccomments:" There came the first two articles "Expert..." and "Ghost...", but not the article: "After all....."
    Thanks, Doris

  5. Hi again, I solved by myself. It is a good method to write step by step down. That way I noticed what I left out. Thanks for the time you spent!
    Kind regards,

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