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    what the topic title says!


    Well if you go to the blog that you want and type in about, and then hightlight, you should be able to use the hyperlink option that



    Is there a question? Seems you haven’t written an About page yet.



    Indeed, it sounds like you need to create an About page from Write -> Page. Once published, it will appear in your primary navigation.


    I’m not talking about my own blog (which, if you look at it, has an About page i’m quite happy with). But surfing other blogs i often want to see WHO is writing this and can’t find any link to the About page. Sometimes i can, sometimes i can’t (not a default in every theme)?

    midnighticequeen, if you mean when i think you mean, i tried it – you mean going to the address bar and adding ‘about’ after the ‘’ end of the url? I just tried this (on and got: ‘Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.’

    It would be nice to have the link in the Blog Info menu, which is where i (don’t know about other people) instinctively go to look for it. Using the archives to look at the very earliest post doesn’t really help (esp in the case of that Caits blog).



    This all depends on whether or not the blog has actually published an about page. Some bloggers wish to remain anonymous.


    You know, i didn’t even think of that. {oops}

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