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  1. I spent four hours trying every possible avenue to link up an amazon search widget on my blog site sidebar. I can get it to display the name widget, but the html code will not copy and I cannot get a graphic or a link. How do I solve this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot use the widget. and other select affiliate links are now permitted on free hosted blogs, as long as they are not the primary content of the site in question. allows bloggers to insert their own text affiliate links within post and page content only to their own products in Amazon or other third-party affiliate programs. Image affiliate links in posts and pages and any affiliate links in widget areas, are still considered to be advertising and are not allowed on blogs.

  3. You cannot set up an Amazon online store on a free hosted blog. You can offer only books you personally author for sale and no others. The search widget is JavaScript and cannot be used on free hosted WordPress.COM blogs for security reasons.

  4. Thanks for responding. Guess I will have to put the link on my personal website instead. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

  5. You're welcome.

  6. To clarify: NONE of the widget, banner, or ad code works here. All that works are simple HTML text and image Amazon links.

  7. Like most members, and readers, I'm glad WordPress blogs aren't littered with promotion, sales, commerce-driven displays, banners, products, etc. The minimal amount of advertising we do encounter on WordPress sites is modest, tasteful, sometimes useful, not unwelcome.

    Here's a snip from WordPress's policy guidelines about affiliate advertising:

    "Feel free to post relevant affiliate links when blogging about books you’re reading, music you love, clothes that strike your fancy, gadgets you’re drooling over, or whatever is of interest to you and your readers.

    We hope affiliate programs help you earn a financial reward for all the hard work you’ve invested in your blog."

  8. Affiliate links and advertising are different things. Please point me to a spot in your blog where you are using Adsense. I couldn't find it, because, just like with Amazon widget code, it will be stripped out here automatically.

  9. As mentioned (an update) in another post, it's not Adsense (my mistake) it's WordAds. It's new. WordPress has some links about it. WordAds are done on the back end, the user doesn't do anything, select the placement, it's all done by WordPress/WordAds.

    It's not a widget, or anything to be "stripped out" -- it's the official ad program associated with WordPress. It's not only not banned, it's welcome. Here's some info.

    To see a spot where WordAd spots appear: you'll see them below the top blog post, on the main page. And after that, on the individual blog post after the jump, on every post. Usually they're video ads. Like for a car, or pizza, etc. They're usually short, entertaining, and blend in pretty well.

    In fact, they look the same as the ads that (WordPress hosted) WordPress automatically places on member sites. Joining WordAds enables a member (if their site meets the qualifications, self hosted, etc.) to collect the revenue, instead of WordPress. It's calculated monthly. And shows up in the settings tab, in Dashboard. The income is very, very modest. unless a site gets an enormous amount of traffic. But, they can help monetize a blog a little.

    Affiliate links are low-key, indirect form of advertising. A reference, mentioned in the body of a blog messages, hyperlinked text. It's an acceptable form of advertising, if done according to WordPress's guidelines. It still counts. And also offers extremely modest revenue.

    Soon I'll have earned enough to buy a couple pairs of socks, and a case of Pepsi.

    WordAds is advertising, in the most clear, traditional, unambiguous sense of the word. They're like short TV spots.

    Check out their FAQ, it's a fairly new program, started with WordPress only last year, I think. And my site added it only a few months ago, it's still new to me, too.

  10. ...not 'self-hosted' sites-- again, my error--It requires sites hosted at WordPress. (I'm re-reading the FAQ) What I meant was, it requires a domain name site. Not a blogname.wordpress site, but a site with its own registered domain. And a few other requirements. More info at the WordAds site.

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