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link to another page to play mp3

  1. I have followed the instructions to 'Upload an mp3 file somewhere on the internet and link to it using our audio shortcode.' the audio file which i wish to play is located at the following address:
    it is an mp3 encoded at 44.1kHz.

    Following your instructions I assume the short link should read as follows: [audio

    but this doesn't work, it says buffering, endlessly

    Please tell me how to correctly encode this link.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That is not the link to the actual FILE. That is the link to the page on which the file exists. You need the code that ends in .mp3 or it's not the URL of the mp3 itself.

  3. Dear Raincoaster,
    thanks for your quick reply.
    pls excuse my ignorance but i cannot see how to obtain the exact code of the mp3.
    in the code of the page where the mp3 is located, it says: audio/tomthumb.mp3

    however i am unsure how to add this to the page address, [audio doesn't work on wordpress either.

    thanks again..

  4. Why have you got the junk code at the end? Try:


  5. Eek, that's an error the forum is putting in.

    [audio] that should be clearer.

  6. does not appear to exist. It's not the right link. You will need to find the actual link. I'm afraid I can't help you.

  7. not to worry, it seems to be very quick and painless using

    thanks for your efforts

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